GAMEDAY: Arkansas Virtual Playbook

This week our innovative and extremely popular virtual playbook takes a look at the Razorback's offense and defense by breaking down their favorite plays for you (and the Gators) to look out for during the game. Get the real inside scoop on what to expect on the field!

The Arkansas Offense

Passing Game

Arkansas does a lot of play action and boot leg passes. They try and get their quarterback in open spaces to make a play.

The Razorbacks line up mostly in two backs, a tight end, and two receivers. Here we see a play action fake to the tailback while the fullback runs out into the flat. The wide receivers usually are running deep routes and everyone else is blocking for the pass. The dep routes get deeper if the quarterback is running around while alluding the pass rush.

The Razorbacks will line up in a lot of one back and two tight end sets. Here we see a naked boot leg pass with all of the receivers in the same flow as the direction the quartrback is heading.

Running Game

The Razorback running game is a mostly a power game and then they will throw in some trickery and option type stuff.

This is just an idea of the type of play you might see from an Houston Nutt led Arkansas team. This isn't something they run a lot, but it is different, so I thought I would show it. Here the Hogs fake the power running game to the running back. The quarterback keeps the ball and moves out to an option with the slot receiver who drops back a little on the snap and becomes the option back. The fake handoff is to isolate a defender on the opposite side when the rest of the defense flows with the running back.

Another option play using the wide receiver as the option back. Here we see the fake handoff dive again, by the fullback this time. In motion before the snap, the wide receiver on the right circles around and and moves to the option arc for the quarterback who then reads the defensive end on that side and pitches off of him.

The Arkansas Defense

The Arkansas defense tries more than most to fool the offense before the snap. They move around and disguse their defense. Picture 1 here shows the same allignment as picture 2, but the first is a man coverage Cover 1.

Here we have 4 deep coverage from almost the exact same pre-snap allignment of the defense. The quarterback has to know the routes and where they are going to fit in the net that this coverage puts on the field. If we go deep here, it is pick your poison time. He better take the corners.

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