BASKETBALL: Point Guard Not so Green

This past year my brother was a senior basketball player for St. Brendan's High School, a class 3-A school in Miami. At a tournament he was attending with his school he urged me to come out to watch a point guard that he deemed the best he's ever played against. When I got there I was lucky enough and impressed to watch a speedy 6-foot point guard light up the gym for 50 points.

Florida basketball fans, meet Taurean Green. Green, along with dual threat recruit Cornelius Ingram, will be counted on to bolster the Gator backcourt, especially when point guard Anthony Roberson needs a rest. With Ryan Applebee transferring out, the door for the back up spot at PG was left wide open and Coach Billy Donovan felt like Green was his guy all the way.

"Taurean has done a great job," Donovan said. "I feel confident that coming in behind Roberson, he's a guy that's going to be able to run our team, play the way we want to play, push the ball and make decisions -- he can shoot it."

Green has impressed many people on the team since arriving in Gainesville, none more then Peep himself who has had the duty of guarding him during practice.

"[Green's] going to be a very skilled guard, a playground guard," Roberson said. "He comes from a place like me, where he loves to play basketball, and he's been playing basketball all his life."

Green, who reached the 50 point plateau twice last season, is like Roberson in the fact that they are both gifted offensively. With the possibility of Roberson going pro after 2004, the reigns to the team could undoubtedly be handed to Green. He is making sure to learn as much from Roberson as possible in their time together sporting the orange and blue.

"Peep's a great player, and one of the top guards in the country," Green said. "He's making me better, and I'm just trying to make him better, going hard at him everyday."

At the shooting guard slot, it's anyone's guess as to how far Cornelius Ingram will go at the University of Florida. From being a current back up QB on the football team, to battling for playing time in a thin Gator shooting guard back court that right now consists only of projected starter Lee Humphrey. Humphrey, who was a considerable surprise last year at the position starting 11 games, shot 43.9 percent from three-point range.

Ingram could bring a nice inside-outside game on the court with his great touch as well as an added toughness at the position where he stands two inches taller and 14 pounds heavier as a true freshman.

While Ingram did toss for 22 touchdowns at neighboring Hawthorne High School, even his pigskin teammates weren't shy about what he could do with the round ball.

"I've seen him throw it down," said defensive back Vernell Brown, who faced Ingram on the court during high school (Gainesville High v. Hawthorne). "I've seen him throw it down on a couple of people."

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