Gator News And World Report (10/05/04)

The Gator News and World Report for Tuesday, October 5, 2004. UF's Donovan backs five years of eligibility; UF police blames students in incident; LSU Reeling, But Still Hoping To Improve; Leak's Dive Puts Scare In Fedora; Zook wants Leak to stay grounded; Player guards spot as goalie; Saban facing quarterback quandry;

Florida Gator Football

UF police blames students in incident
The University of Florida Police Department on Monday filed sworn complaints against three UF students for allegedly trying to start a fight with three football players last month.

LSU Reeling, But Still Hoping To Improve
Orange Bowl director Keith Tribble visited the LSU locker room Saturday after the Tigers' 45-16 loss to Georgia.

Leak's Dive Puts Scare In Fedora
The voice in Larry Fedora's head screamed ``Noooo!''

UF Shorts
The Florida football team features the top passer and the top rusher in the SEC. QB Chris Leak leads in passing with 278.2 yards a game, while TB Ciatrick Fason leads in rushing with 114.5 yards a game.

Zook wants Leak to stay grounded
Florida quarterback Chris Leak has a tendency not to make the same mistake twice. The coaches certainly are hoping - no, maybe praying - he doesn't repeat the biggest mistake he made in last Saturday's 45-30 victory over Arkansas.

Sworn complaints filed in attack on football players
Three University of Florida students face misdemeanor breach of peace and disorderly conduct charges after starting a fight with three Florida football players.

Wounded foe daunting
LSU lost two of its past three games and lost to Florida last year, but the Gators are wary of their game against the Tigers.

Coaches flip out over Leak's not-so-acrobatic scramble
Since QB Chris Leak's arrival at Florida, coaches have consistently praised the sophomore's desire to always give the extra effort. They've credited his craving to fight for the extra yard.

Saban facing quarterback quandry
Florida coach Ron Zook can certainly empathize with the mind-numbing decisions that must be made by LSU coach Nick Saban this week. Saban will be forced to decide how to handle his starting quarterback situation.

Losses rack Saban
Get Nick Saban an aspirin or two — and throw in a quarterback while you're at it.

SEC is only fourth-best after uninspiring start
The list is hardly impressive: Maine, Ohio, Wyoming, Navy, Memphis.

Leak's first-half tumble sends Zook for a loop
During a game filled with emotional ups and downs for UF coach Ron Zook, one in particular was extraordinarily agonizing.

Three Gators named in fraternity row scuffle
The State Attorney's Office has received sworn complaints against three Florida students for allegedly getting into a fight with Gator football players on fraternity row in mid-September.

Florida Gator Basketball

UF's Donovan backs five years of eligibility
Florida basketball coach Billy Donovan doesn't think that a possible NCAA rule change will help his recruiting efforts, just his player's ability to get their degrees.

Florida Gator Notebook

Player guards spot as goalie
Florida's soccer team has a good thing going at goalkeeper.

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