After Further Review…

I've decided instead of breaking this game down by its parts, we can just stick to the only part of the game where the Gators did not dominate the game. So, I plucked the three series on both sides of the ball during the 3rd and 4th quarters where Arkansas staged a comeback. Here we go.


Arkansas just scored and the score was 38-14 there is time for one play at end the third quarter.

1st and 10 at the Gator 15 and we run a toss sweep for 1 yard.

2nd and 9 Leak barely overthrows a 25 yard Fade route to Dallas Baker.

3rd and 9 12 yard out pass would have earned a first down, Dallas didn't drag his back foot. Post was coming open and could have been another homerun ball to Bubba this time.


After Arkansas scores again to make It 38-22 we started on our own 20

1st and 10 Ran the ball on first down and Leak and Wynn mis-communicated. Leak had to scramble and ended up losing 5 yards.

2nd and 15 5 wides and Arkansas goes to man coverage and rushes 6. Leak has to dump it quick and gets 8 yards.

3rd and 7 5 wide again. Arky rushes 4 and we have good protection, but Leak bails out of the pocket anyway. We had a deep corner and deep fade route called, but Leak had to throw it away because of good coverage.


Arkansas scores again to make it 38-30
1st and 10 We ran on the last two first downs and lined up in a 2 tight end set. We ran play action this time and Leak barely overthrew a Post-Corner route to Chad Jackson that was open. Chad may have cut it short.

2nd and 10 Draw play gets 7 yards.

3rd and 3 Short dump pass to OJ Small to get the first down was defended well and deflected.


As you can see the play calling was far from conservative and more than likely very similar to the play calling all day long.

Offensive Intangibles…

There were a ton of great plays on offense. My favorite was probably the first Dallas Baker touchdown. The Gators had the three stacked receivers to one side. They have already run the bubble screen out of this formation and also had run the ball up the middle. This time, they faked the bubble and the safety bit. Dallas hesitates like he is blocking for one second and then takes off for the post. It was a beautiful play call and set up for weeks now.

It was also good to see the reverse work. It really got blown up in the pre-season and early this season for the most part. That and Bubba Caldwell kept his feet, made it an extra special play.

Chad Jackson doubled his receptions for the season in one game. He came into the contest with 4 catches on the year and had 4 for 56 yards in this game.

It was good to see Jemalle Cornelius score his long touchdown.

Arkansas run blitzed all day and left their defenders in man coverage. Leak and company made them pay.

Leak has been sacked 5 times in 4 games. That would translate to 15 sacks in 12 games and would be the lowest sack total in a very long time. The biggest obstacles for this particular stat come this week against LSU and at the Georgia game.

Leak has 10 touchdowns passing on the season. That would translate to 30 in a 12 game season.


Score was 38-7, the Gators just kicked a field goal.

1st and 10 at their own (-20) Nice boot leg play action makes all 3 linebackers bite and flow to the running back. The defense rushed 4 but with the slide protection, there was no pressure per se. Safety was a little too deep and it was an easy throw.

1st and 10 (-42) Defense rushes 4. Play action and motion crossed up the safeties and LBs in coverage and created too much space for the running back to get 34 yards on the screen.

1st and 10 (34) Rush 4. Crossing route and receiver leaves his route to set into a hole. Complete for 9.

2nd and 1 (25) Rush 4 7 man protection by backs and offensive line. Drop back pass was well covered by Webb and incomplete.
3rd and 1 (25) I formation run, no gain

4th and 1 (25) Rush 4 play action froze the safety just enough for the fullback to get open in the flat for the 1 yard.

1st and 10 (24) Rush 4 play action forced out of the pocket and incomplete but a personal foul on Crowder.

1st and 10 (12) Rush 4 Off tackle pla squeezes between a few guys for a TD.

Score is 38-14 and the Gators just punted.

1st and 10 (-43) Rush 4 Play action, forced out of pocket by Cohen, hurried pass oes incomplete.

2nd and 10 (-43) Rush 4 Tackle by Marcus Thomas for 1 yard.

3rd and 9 (-44) 3 Man line. LB and safety blitz. Rush 5. QB audibles to 7 man protection and the backs stay in. QB notices Crowder in coverage on a receiver and throws to that mismatch. Play goes for 20 yards.

1st and 10 (36) Rush 4 Play action over throw, Herring could have made the catch.

2nd and 10 (36) Rush 7 Screen. Reynaldo Hill forces one receiver into the ball carrier for the tackle.

3rd and 13 (39) Rush 4 drop back flat and the defensive backs were in man coverage. It was probably a linebacker that missed his coverage on the back in the flat and the pass went to the back for 14 yards and a first down.

1st and 10 (25) Rush 5 Blitzed a corner but didn't fight off the block, a little pressure and the passs fell incomplete.


2nd and 15 (30) Rush 4 We played a solid cover 2 zone defense and they dropped it underneath for 5 yards.

3rd and 10 (25) Rush 8 Double option with an 8 man rush. The fake to the fullback dive suckers the defensive end inside. That defensive end is responsible for the quarterback. When that happens the quarterback fakes a pitch to the back and Crowder has to contain his man, the back. The quarterback kept the ball and cut inside and then flew outside for the touchdown. It as literally one of those plays where only one guy did the wrong thing and it all came apart for the defense. TD.

After another punt, the score is 38-22

1st and 10 (-42) Rush 4 Probably one of the better throws of the day by Jones. As soon as the defensive backs see the boot leg coming, they roll to great position. Jones put the ball high in between two defenders and the receiver had to jump up just to tip it to himself. Jones did all of this while Mincey was all over him.

1st and 10 (36) Rush 4 Run for 1

2nd and 9 (35) Rush 5 The Gators got pressure, even with 7 man protection, Jones managed to step up and complete the pass for 8 yards on the outside.

3rd and 1 (27) Rush 5 Option play and Earl blitzes to the option side. Cohen goes underneath the tackle and Earl becomes the quarterback contain man. A nice juke and Earl is left scratching his head as Jones cut underneath for nine yards.

1st and 10 (18) Rush 4 Rey Hill plays a little soft and Jones completes it for 11 yards.

1st and 7 (7) Rush 4 Receiver breaks off his route to a hole in the coverage. TD.

Defensive Intangibles…

There were 23 plays in these three series not including the two-point conversions and dead ball penalties. The defense never rushed less than 4, including never in the whole game. They rushed five guys our times and seven and eight guys once each. I wouldn't call this conservative play calling.

The Gators practiced a new front alignment and used it against Arkansas. They couldn't get t set right the first couple of times and abandoned it. But, they went back to it in the final two series and it seemed to fool the Arkansas front. It helped lead to the only sack of the day by the Gators. The front actually has three of the four defensive linemen lined up on one side of the center. They overload the strong side of the line. It is a front they most likely had never seen before and caused a few bad plays at the end of the game.

I for one am excited about our run defense. We don't seem to have to go to extreme measures to stop the run this year and that is a welcome sight. We all knew the pass defense was going to be the weakest link, and would probably get better as the season goes by. Save for two series at the start of the Tennessee game, the run defense has been pretty stellar.

There are a few players I think are making real improvement on defense. I think Dee Webb is playing strong and aggressive. I also think that Mincey is becoming a force and that will soon start collecting the sacks. He has been chasing down some really fast ones the last two weeks, I think he catches one or two this week. Jarvis Herring also deserves some props for a well played game. He was very close to having a second interception in the game.

Special Teams…

I think we had one bad kick return, other than that, it was a great day by the special teams.

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