Ron Zook LSU Pre-Game News Conference

On Tuesday, Florida Head Football Coach Ron Zook held his weekly press conference. This week the upcoming game against LSU was discussed as well as the Gator offense, the receiver's progress and what the Gators expect from the Tigers Saturday.

Opening Statement:

"It felt good to be in a game routine. It was a little different not having to navigate around the weather. We had a good day yesterday; Monday's are busy days. It's a day when you put the previous game to bed and then prepare for the defending national champions. They are a very talented team and there is no question they will give us their best effort. We had a good day yesterday and as far as preparation, we couldn't be any further ahead than we are right now. "

On the players' opinion of LSU:

"They understand how good LSU can be. They worked hard yesterday. It was hot and I think that took a little bit out of them because they played better at the end of practice than the beginning. They lifted yesterday and Rob (Glass) told me he thought they were a little more sluggish because it was hot. But I was really happy with the way we ended practice."

On the multitude of Florida's offensive weapons:

"We've said since the day we got here that we have to be able to run the football. We're fortunate to have some pretty good running backs. Before the season started this year we said the offensive line would be one of the best that it's been. We have some depth now and guys who have been in the system. Joe Wickline has done a great job, he is a very demanding coach and those guys have all bought into what he wants. You see Lance butler down there and he recovered the fumble and he is a 300 pound missile out there on the reverse. That's big when you have guys playing that hard. We also felt like we would have guys that we would want to get the ball in their hands. The more weapons you have the better chance you have of being a good team. We also have an unselfish football team and that is very important. Chris Leak cares about one thing, he cares about winning."

On the receivers:

"Distributing the ball to the receivers shows you the maturity Chris (Leak) has. The coaches are doing a great job getting the players into position, getting Chris in the right place. When you have to be concerned about more than one person, it is hard. You can't be concerned about taking anybody away. Chris is finding the right guy. The thing that got me excited was watching them blocking. To me, that means they are into it."

On big plays:

"You have to do what the defense gives you. I got an email last week that were weren't throwing the ball over the middle. I told Larry (Fedora) that we were going to get OJ (Small) killed (for throwing it over the middle). There's never a question whether we were going to be able to throw the ball downfield. That doesn't mean that we will throw it downfield all the time, but the receivers are more experienced and feel very confident the ball is going to be there and they do everything they can to go catch it."

On being last in the SEC sacks…

"The biggest part is the quarterback's we are playing. This guy we played last week (Jones), we couldn't get a hold of. The Kentucky quarterback was coming out and throwing the ball quick. I don't think it is something to be concerned about. I think our defense has improved, and I don't see sacks as being a problem yet."

On Jonathan Colon and Mo Mitchell:

"I am so proud of those guys, because they were probably the first two guys in my office when I got here, and not because they came to see me. I met them on some negative terms that first year. I am happy for them. They are a joy to play with. They are playing very well. It is important to them. I told Mo the other day he needs to be careful when we score, because he is going to hurt somebody (one of our own)."

Practice different with all the games in a row:

"I am going to worry about that next week. We aren't doing anything different this week. I have a call into a few people to figure out if we will do anything. I think we need to take care of our players and we have been fortunate enough to stay semi-healthy and I think part of that has to do with their work effort over the summer. We also try to make sure we don't beat them up."

On the tight end position:

I think you see #11 (Small) in there in some of the places 84 (Troupe) was last year. Markell Thompson and David Kenner aren't the same kind of guy that Ben Troupe was, but we still need them, because they are probably better blockers. Tate Casey is going to be a good player, but he needs to get stronger. We need to put players in position where they have a chance to be successful, I don't think you have to put them out there as receivers (all the time) to be successful.

On what to expect from LSU:

"They are the defending national champions, there's no question they are very talented. We will get their best effort."

On Dallas baker's breakout game:

"I always feel good for Dallas. There isn't anyone that has ever talked to Dallas and doesn't love the guy. I don't know if I have ever talked to Dallas about being down. He wants to be good, he is not selfish. He cut blocked a guy on Saturday and about took me down. I like that, it shows toughness and it is catchy."

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