RECRUITING: Tony Wright still has UF as leader

Last time we caught up with Tony Wright his season had gotten off to a bumpy start. His team had taken an early loss and he wasn't getting very many carries. However, this have improved a good deal for the shifty running back from Fort Valley, Georgia. How have things changed? Read on to find out and see his video highlights.

It's been several weeks since we last spoke with Peach County high school star Tony Wright. To remind readers, Tony didn't have very many carries in the first few games of the season, and his team had taken a loss. How are things going now? "It's been going pretty good. I'm getting it about 15 times a game...for about 80 or 90 yards." As for his team's performance thus far, they are undefeated since the pick up in Tony's carries. Whether that ties to Tony's performance or not is up for speculation. Either way, both seem to be doing very well right now.

A lot of things can happen in a month, but it doesn't seem that new offers for Tony was one of them. When we asked him about that subject he said, "No, same ones [FSU and UF]." Also, Tony told us that he has not taken any visits, official or unofficial. Currently, he is planning those trips for after his season has concluded. Tony also shared that while he didn't catch any games this past weekend, he was looking forward to the Florida-LSU match-up this coming weekend.

Is there a top five for Wright at present? "No, not really. Just Florida State and Florida. Florida is still my leader." We followed up with several questions like which schools are calling the most and Tony reiterated that it was Florida State and Florida. Wright also told us that he still hasn't done very much research into either program. It appears as if he's waiting for his season to end before tackling his recruitment. That makes sense considering that he also told us that he is not looking to commit to anyone anytime soon and that January or February is a more likely timetable for that.

Let's expound on what Tony didn't say and what we gleaned from our conversation with him… To not have more than two offers at this point in the season with the quality of talent that Wright possesses can only lead us to the conclusion that there are some academic issues that programs are taking into consideration. Also, it seemed to us that by prolonging his recruitment in the manner that he is, Tony may be waiting to see if any other offers will appear later on down the road. This may also mean that Tony is getting his academic house in order - assuming our previous assumption is correct. When asked, Tony only mentioned two programs - FSU and UF. We tried to get him to speak on other schools, but he would not. What that means, we don't know. What we do know is that Wright is taking his time and it could be a while before we nothing anything else. We also know that he is a terrific looking prospect and the program that lands him will have a great running back in the backfield.

Tony's coach, Rance Gillespie agrees. "Tony is a very talented back. He's a tough, physical runner. There's been a misconception that he is more of a scat back, but he is a physical, inside back. He also has tremendous vision and tremendous balance."

Coach Gillespie also shared that Tony has put on some weight and has gotten much stronger coming into this season and that can only mean improvement. His Trojan team stands 5-1 currently and no doubt that Tony Wright has played a big part in their success.

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