FOOTBALL: Gators in the NFL - Week Four

Get the latest on former Gator football players in the National Football League. See who's stepped up, who's fallen back, and who's out of the loop.

Emmitt Smith Award – Top Offensive Performer

Emmitt Smith, Arizona Cardinals
For the second time this season, Smith has earned himself the top offensive performer award. Not only did he rush for 127 yards on 21 attempts with 1 touchdown, but he tied Walter Payton for the most NFL career 100-yard rushing games with 77. Smith not only scored on the ground, but he also threw the first pass of his career for a 21 yard touchdown to Obafemi Ayanbadejo just before the half and also had 1 reception for 18 yards. So much for him being called old and washed up. Perhaps it might be a good idea to put off his move into the nursing home.

Jack Youngblood Award – Top Defensive Performer

Andra Davis, Cleveland Browns
Davis had 5 tackles and 1 assist in the Browns 17-13 victory over the Redskins. His fumble recovery on the first play of the third quarter was the deciding factor in being chosen for this award. The recovery on the Washington 31 helped to set up a Browns touchdown and give life to an offense that had sputtered through the first half.

Mr. Two Bits Award

Reche Caldwell, San Diego Chargers Caldwell had 3 catches for 110 yards and 1 touchdown in the Chargers rout of the Tennessee Titans 38-17. He also tacked on a 20 yard run to show why he is a consistent bright spot on a team that has often been lackluster this season. Caldwell is proving to be the top receiver for the Chargers offense and a favorite target for quarterback Drew Brees, especially on the deep ball.

The Red Zone

Emmitt Smith, Arizona Cardinals
After rushing for 1 touchdown and throwing for another, Smith's performance for the Cardinals is more than deserving of this selection. His 2 touchdowns were more than enough offense to beat the error riddled Saints, which just makes his accomplishment that much more impressive.

I Wish I Were Back In Hogtown….

Terry Jackson, San Francisco 49ers
Jackson had only 3 carries for 12 yards with 1 fumble in the 49ers 24-14 to the St. Louis Rams. He has yet to start a game this season and had only had 13 carries for 61 yards up to this point in the season. With such lackluster numbers, you have to wonder if Jackson will be a part of the 49ers for much longer.

That's Why He Ended Up In Tallahassee….

Brad Johnson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
I hate to pick on Johnson once again this season…..well, not really. The Bucs have lost the last 6 games in a row and the last 10 of 13 dating back to last season with Johnson at the helm of the offense. A quarterback change has to be imminent for the Bucs since it is readily apparent Johnson couldn't lead the team out of a paper bag. To start a season 0-4 being only 2 years removed from a Super Bowl title, even with the loss of several key players, just shows Johnson isn't cut out for the Bucs offensive system.

Calling Dr. Pete

Injury Update
Erron Kinney, Tennessee Titans – Calf, Did not play on Sunday, October 3, and is out for the Monday October 11th game against the Green Bay Packers. Mike Pearson, Jacksonville Jaguars – Knee, Pearson was scheduled for an MRI on Monday to to determine the extent of the damage. He is expected to undergo reconstructive knee surgery and be out for the rest of the season.

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