RECRUITING: Gators make headway with Chris Scott

Chris Scott is an enormous offensive lineman, 6-4 315, from the South Georgia town of Lovejoy. He hasn't been a name often talked about in Gator circles because, frankly, he hasn't talked too much about Florida. However, as the season has progressed, University of Florida running backs coach Mike Locksley has made some headway and gotten the attention of the 4 star tackle. Videos included!

Last weekend Chris Scott traveled to Athens, Georgia to see the third meeting in a year between the Bulldogs and the Bayou Bengals from Louisiana State. Chris arrived on Saturday around noon and had a chance to speak with some of the coaches and see the famed Dawg Walk. What was his impression of Athens and Sanford Stadium? "I liked it a lot. It was crazy." He did admit that after UGA started trouncing LSU, the game got a bit slow.

Is Scott planning a trip to Gainesville to see the Gators play? He told us that he is planning to come down for the game this weekend against LSU, but isn't quite certain at the moment. "There's a good possibility that I'll be going down to Gainesville for the Florida-LSU game." Plans and arrangements are in the works and he should know in a day or two whether or not he will make the trip.

The biggest question we were interesting in knowing was whether or not Scott really has all teams listed evenly or not. Many think that he is solid to the Bulldogs. "Right now, I have LSU, Nebraska, Georgia, and Tennessee as the four schools I know I'm going to visit. I'm been debating, I did Mississippi State next, but I've been debating with them, Oklahoma and Florida. Right now the teams are all even. But, if I had to chose a school today I would probably choose Georgia."

After getting through that we decided to focus a little more on the Gators, since it appears that they have made a little headway with the big man. We asked who was recruiting him from Florida and if he has had the opportunity to speak with Offensive Line Coach Joe Wickline. We also asked what he knew about the situation at UF or how he would fit in with the system at UF. "Florida is losing 6 offensive linemen this year, and the coaches are looking to bring in a pretty hefty amount. Coach Mike Locksley is recruiting me down there. Me and him talked just the other day. He calls me every week. Every time he calls we talk for a pretty good amount of time. Coach Wickline, he did come up to the school, probably about three weeks ago he came up to my school. They can't actually talk to us, but my coach called me down to his office to tell me about it. We talked about how they [UF] are losing a couple of seniors, and how many offensive linemen they are planning on bringing in and talked about how I would probably fit into their program. The Florida offense is really the same offense we run, the pro-style passing offense. So, they're saying I could probably fit in there real well."

What about academics? Chris had mentioned in previous articles that academics would be very important in making his selection. "There's a couple of schools that I've been talking to about sending me some information on their engineering program. But, right now Florida just sent me some stuff on their engineering program…Nebraska, a coach from LSU and Georgia sending me theirs… and Tennessee. I'm trying to collect information. Those schools right there and the schools I'm actually considering have engineering programs. I'm just trying to figure them out right now."

Scott was planning on waiting until after the season before taking his official visits, but he is now considering moving some up. "So, I can get a little game atmosphere." What is he looking for in the schools when he takes his visits? "Just about everything. Most schools are going to have some similarities. I'm looking for the pros and cons of each school and how I fit into what they are doing."

Chris Scott is yet another example of a great kid that has his priorities in order. He was very polite – yes sir, no sir – and seems to have his eye on the proverbial ball. Talking to kids like this makes rivalries meaningless. No matter where they go to school, you pull for them to succeed. Chris Scott is no different in that aspect. We wish him well in his recruitment.

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