RECRUITING: Update on Javon Ringer

Many football fans from the south may be unaware of Javon Ringer. There can be a blind loyalty sometimes from fans, and they can forget that there are terrific players from all over the nation. You may also be unaware of Javon because he doesn't talk very much. He personifies the cliché actions speak louder than words. Coaches, on the other hand, know all about the 5-10, 205lb bruiser from Dayton, Ohio. What about you?

Shortly before the season began, Javon Ringer entered into a self-imposed moratorium on recruiting, talking to services, and even talking to coaches. Ringer's coach, Jim Place, told me this morning that Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel calls Javon every Monday just to leave a message. That may sound nutty to many people, but that is how serious Ringer is about having a stellar senior season. Coach Place continued by saying, "He's a tremendously driven young man. Whatever they [the coaching staff] ask him to do he'll do." "He is very focused on one thing - having a great senior season for our team." It was easy to hear from Coach Place that Ringer is a special young man.

Ringer has been having an outstanding season so far, proving that his decisions have been the right ones. Last weekend alone, Ringer ran for 374 yards on 28 rushes and 5 just THREE quarters. The week before that he ran for 242 yards and 2 touchdowns, not including a kickoff returned 98 yards for another touchdown. Through his six games this season, Javon has 1600 yards rushing and 19 TDs. What else can one say but, WOW. It's obvious this kid has skills.

What you probably haven't heard is that for several games this season, Ringer was hurt. Coach Place told me that Javon had hurt his right arm early in the season and that had affected his performance and how he carried the ball. Now that he has healed, dominance like this past Saturday should be more of the norm. Ringer also ran for over 2,000 yards in both his sophomore and junior seasons.

What about Ringer's top schools? Many familiar with the situation consider Javon to be a lock to the Buckeyes of Ohio State. Coach Place had a few comments on that subject. "Ohio State is definitely in the lead. That is what he is most interested in. But, I wouldn't say that the door is shut." Whether that is because the Buckeyes have yet to offer remains to be seen. Could it be that the Buckeyes have their sights set on other backs? In my opinion, that is a possibility.

It has been known for quite some time that Jacksonville Sandalwood running back, Maurice Wells has had the Buckeyes high atop his list and rumors circulating down south are that Wells is Tressel's prize. If that is the case and Wells does indeed commit to Ohio State, that could leave Ringer without his offer and make another school very happy.

The other schools in the mix for Ringer's services are Florida, Tennessee, and Michigan. These may be a bit dated, as Ringer hasn't talked in a while. However, this is what Javon had to say about his offer from Florida: "My newest offer kind of complicates things though. I am excited about it 'cause I didn't think anybody down there knew about me." ( July 16, 2004)

Coach Place considers Ringer to be that every down kind of back for which many teams look. "He's very strong. He won the Ohio Power lifting contest. He had the best squat of anybody in the thing. He benches 350 and runs a 10.6 100 meters. But most importantly, he has that great inner drive. He'll do anything you ask. He blocks...he could come in and play special teams right away." Ringer is a guy that we need to keep our eyes on. He could become the unexpected member of the UF class that seems to happen every year.

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