POSTGAME: Coach Zook's comments on the loss

We were in a sitution where we could win the game and we have to get it done. We are a football team, but for us to get where we need to be, we have to stop them. We have to be able to keep drives going. Look at time of possession, that's the answer. They had it 36 minutes, we had it 23 minutes. We didn't get off the field when we needed to, and offensively we needed to be able to keep drives going. One thing that we did do was cover the kicks well and kick well.

How did the team react?

Obviously they are very upset and hurt, and they should be. They understand we can be a good football team. We had as much to do with getting beat as LSU. You have to give them credit, they did a good job. We were in position to finish the game and didn't get it done.

Was the defense worn out?

No, we played enough people where we shouldn't be worn out. We looked worn out because we didn't do a good job of tackling. If we don't get off the field, then we have to be able to tackle.

Against Russell you had success, and then Randall came in. Did that affect you guys differently?

No not really. They kept probing until they found some things to work. They had the power and the quarterback draw gashed us a few times. Those are things that we have to get stopped. We are talented enough to do that, we are just not getting it done.

How did the halftime score effect the team?

You don't like to be in that situation. I wasn't concerned about momentum. We came out and drove the ball but didn't score. Defensively we were going to be okay in the third quarter.

They ran a lot inside, was that a gap problem again?

At times it was, but the biggest problem we had was that we missed tackles. We work extremely hard on that. A little bit of that has to do with them as well, they are excellent ball carriers, but, we have to make those plays when we are in that position.

The possessions that set up the short touchdowns?

Those are things that we can do and we have to continue to do. We had the three turnovers. Offensively we did some good things. Still, we shot ourselves in the foot and couldn't keep drives going.

Chris Leak overthrew OJ Small on the long ball and didn't quite get the first down on the scramble, Can you assess his play?

He had some balls that were dropped too. That is going to happen. We have to make the throws and we have to make the catches. These guys are good enough, and we have to get it done.

The personal fouls and their impact?

You can't have personal fouls. I don't want to comment until I see them. Mincey's in particular kind of surprised me. But, you can't have those. They keep drives going.

Positives on special teams?

That was one phase that played well. We covered the kicks well and had the blocked football, which was big. I thought at that time, it was going to be the play that we needed. I also thought after Cory Bailey's interception, we were going to be alright.


Once again we are very fortunate with injuries. Lance Butler has a hip pointer and a lot of pain but he will be alright. Ray McDonald had an ankle injury and needs to be evaluated, but he went back in.

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