RECRUITING: Demetrice Morley decommits from Gators

Miami Killian HS cornerback Demetrice Morley was one big time recruit in the state of Florida that did not get a chance to make it to the Florida / LSU game this weekend. He was able to watch the game on television. We talked to Morley this afternoon and he had some more bad news for Gator fans after the crushing loss. Get the real inside scoop!

"I want to de-commit to Florida. I still love them. The coaches are great and the fans are great, but I just want to keep all of my options open for the recruiting season," says Demetrice Morley.

What is the reason for this? "There are a lot of things that could happen from now until signing day."

Is there anyone else right now that he may want to look hard at? "No other schools I am really interested in. I could really go to USC or Tennessee, anywhere." Are these teams and more pursuing the all star corner? "Everybody is calling me."

When will he start visiting these schools? "I wanted to make an official for the Florida / LSU game but things didn't work out. I am going to take some visits in January and during the season."

One visit Morley is planning on taking this year is to Auburn. "I will go to the Auburn - Georgia game at Auburn. I want to go see and feel the game atmosphere." Why Auburn? "One of my friends went to Auburn, Lorenzo Ferguson. Ferguson is a safety for the Tigers but won't play this season. "He has a medical red-shirt this year."

There is another game day destination for Morley. "I am also planning on going to see the NC State - Miami game." Morley has more than a few connections with the Wolf Pack. "Bobby Washington is there and four other players from my school."

He made trips up to see the Florida - Eastern Michigan game and the Florida – Kentucky games, but doesn't have anymore games scheduled to visit this year "The rest of my visits will come in January. "I will take an official to Florida and Michigan. Michigan was home of his favorite player. Other than that, it could be Tennessee, Oklahoma, or USC, anyone."

Morley shared his thoughts on the big loss by the Gators. "I watched the game. It was good. It was very competitive and it came down to who wanted it the most. It won't effect my decision though. I definitely think I would be a big impact if I came to Florida."

This is a setback for the Gators who had a great recruiting haul in July. Morley is a well publicized and talented player that will play a lot of college football. I still consider the Gators the favorites to land Morley's services, but it will definitely be more interesting.

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