GATORS IN THE NFL - Week Five Awards

Check out this week's awards to our fellow Gators in the NFL based on their performance or lack thereof. It's a great way to keep track of how they're doing in the big leagues...

Emmitt Smith Award - Top Offensive Performer

Fred Taylor, Jacksonville Jaguars
Despite losing to the San Diego Chargers 34-21, Taylor went a long way to showing that he is well on his way to being completely recovered from his constant plague of injuries. He had 64 yards on the ground in 11 carries and added another 44 yards on 7 receptions. One can only wonder what kind of numbers he could put up if he were to ever be totally healthy for any length of time.

Jack Youngblood Award - Top Defensive Performer

Mike Peterson, Jacksonville Jaguars
Peterson continues to be a leader on what has been considered one of the league's top performing defenses up until this past week's meltdown. He seemed to be all over the field with 7 tackles and 6 assists. Unfortunately his performance was not enough to stop the Chargers offense from racking up the points against the rest of the Jaguars defense.

Mr. Two Bits Award

Andra Davis, Cleveland Browns
It seems as if all of the week's best performances came from players on the losing end of the spectrum. Davis has been a consistent force on the Browns defense and this week was no exception with his team leading 7 tackles. It makes one reminisce for the days of old when Davis' Florida defense was able to wrap up opponents in the fourth quarter.

The Red Zone

Darrell Jackson, Seattle Seahawks
Jackson had one touchdown in an OT loss to the St. Louis Rams, but the fact that it was a 56-yard reception gives him the Red Zone award for the week. Jackson is the clearly the teams leading wide receiver. It's hard to imagine a better way to score your first touchdown of the season.

I Wish I Were Back In Hogtown….

Doug Johnson, Tennessee Titans
Despite being signed to a contract with the Titans, Johnson has yet to see any playing time with them. He has been inactive for 4 of the first 5 weeks of play. Perhaps the only reason he was even signed was in case the entire team came down with the flu and was unable to play. At this point, that seems like the only way Johnson will ever see any playing time, especially after the Titans offensive showing at Green Bay on Monday night.

That's Why He Ended Up In Tennessee….

Jamal Lewis, Baltimore Ravens
Lewis has been suspended for 2 games starting October 24 for his role in a drug case where he was charged with conspiring to possess cocaine with the intent to distribute. Not only will he be suspended, but he is also most likely going to be facing prison time and will be docked $761,000 in pay. It's reassuring to see the types of life lessons he learned while at UT. At least Florida players only tend to commit crimes while in school, rather than after they have entered the pros.

Calling Dr. Pete

Injury Update Emmitt Smith, Arizona Cardinals - Groin, will sit our practice during the team's BYE week
Travis Taylor, Baltimore Ravens - Groin, is expected to practice starting next week and return by the teams week 7 game against the Buffalo Bills
Gerard Warren, Cleveland Browns - Pectoral, had been cleared to practice with contact

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