Today, our final part takes a look at the backcourt of the team. <p> What would have been. If one is looking to the basketball team for a little relief from football season what would have happened if a decision was made adversely affecting your view on the 2004 season.

Following the disappointing early exit to Manhattan in the big tourney, a collective gulp was taken by the orange and blue faithful following the team. Time passed and the lump in the throat subsided when he said those three words: I'll be back. It wasn't the Governator who said it, but rather the Robernator.

Sophomore guard Anthony Roberson in the end decided to come back to the University of Florida to play basketball after the 2003 campaign, but that doesn't mean temptation wasn't there.

""I had people telling me I could be a first-rounder," Roberson said. "I had people telling me I could do this, I could do that. You know you have people telling you all kinds of stuff. You don't know who to believe. But you know you've got those people that are close to you that know what's best for you."

Roberson needs just 102 three pointers this year to become the school's all-time leader in three pointers made. Last year he 99.

Roberson, who scored 17.9 points per game last year along with almost 4 assists per game, will have his strongest assets, his quickness and shooting, improved with another off season of practice and training under his belt. Peep is the leading returning scorer and three-point shooter in the Southeastern Conference. Look for him to continue to distribute the ball with his quickness and open floor ability.

"I just do the things that coach needed me to do to win, and my career has been a lot of scoring, and my freshman year I had to wait for my opportunity to lead," he said. "I think that I have to help my teammates any way I can. A lot of people look at me in different ways but I can't help how other people judge me as a player. But I feel like I'm a point guard that can score and get my teammates involved when I need them to."

When Roberson needs a rest or gets into foul trouble, incoming freshman Taurean Green will take over at position. Green, an upgrade over Ryan Appleby in my opinion, has only college ball inexperience holding him back. Green is explosive on the offensive side of the ball averaging 30 points a game in his senior year and showing a solid passing ability with his 9 assist average.

Like mentioned yesterday, both Walsh and Brewer are capable and could see time at the shooting guard position. However, the primary shooting guard will be sophomore Lee Humphrey. Humphrey was one of the Gators (lone) pleasant surprises last year with his solid shooting ability. He impressed enough during the course of 2003 that he started the last 10 games as a true freshman. A solid defender, Humphrey is no slouch from the arch hitting almost 44 percent from three-point range.

The wildcard at the position is freshman Cornelius Ingram. Ingram, who is currently under scholarship with the football team, has the understanding that he will get his shot to play basketball. One of six finalists for the Mr. Basketball award in Florida, Ingram scored 25 points per game with 13 rebounds at neighboring Hawthorne. When he gets his shot to play in the O'Dome is the question.

Stay tuned for's report from March Madness complete with pictures.

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