FOOTBALL: Bonus Ask Ack - More Questions Answered

This week, Brady received many additional good questions and graced us with a bonus edition of his popular "Ask Ack" column. Many of the questions and answers deal with what happened in the LSU game and why, including some technical looks into the game.

Q: My question for ACK is why is the TE going through so many changes. Why don't they stick with one TE when we never throw them the ball. All they do is block. L.S.U. knew it; they put the DE over the TE, moved the OLB out, moved the MLB over the TE, and when the TE was out they brought in 6 DB's. Not once did we run play action in the middle of the field to soften the overload. Don't get me wrong, we have nice wr's but the TE has to be more involved in ANY offense!!!!

A: I think you're right about the tight end but this season a lot of the passing reps for the tight end goes to OJ Small. He is the leading receiver and UF has been in the four wide set a lot this season. The tight end has not emerged although Tate Casey has a bright future. Look for UF to use the tight end a bit more in the second half of the season as they develop some confidence. The best coach in Florida history went years without using the tight end especially when he could find a receiver to fit that spot.

Q: I have noticed that Chris has a real hard time coming off his primary receiver. When I see him double clutch, I know it is because he is waiting for that receiver to come open. If he could make himself go thru his progressions there seems to be a lot of guys open elsewhere.

A: Chris is still just a sophomore and learning how to see everything at a slower pace. LSU had some really good coverages the other night and did a nice job staying with UF receivers. I will bet you if you go watch the Georgia/LSU game what you will see are unbelievable throws and catches by the dogs against tight coverage for LSU. The Dogs got ahead and let the clutch out with the running game. Georgia only completed ten passes. If Chris would have had a better night UF would have won but LSU caused him to be confused at times and sometimes I think Chris just tried to hard. His confidence is fine right now but when he faces Georgia he must "up" his football IQ because I think the Dogs will run a similar plan.

Q: Ack, please do what you can to help. You have the best insight into our team and the best knowledge on this website. In my opinion, we are over coached. Please help us get to a "huddle" offense. It does a lot to help. It reaffirms that the QB is in charge. It allows us to focus on the next play. Chris cannot be totally focused after getting to the line of scrimmage, getting set and then looking to the sideline for a coaching input. He will be better focused and in control if he has the play sent in, huddles and knows the options based upon the defensive setup and run the offense. Thanks for your insight and help, Warren Green.

A: I don't necessarily disagree with you and I do think they huddle sometimes inside the redzone. They like to no huddle in the open field to move the formations in their favor and give the quarterback and early look at the defense. As Chris gets older they will not make him look to the sideline as much for checks and so forth. I think huddling may help in some cases but if UF is going to push the tempo the no huddle is a good option.

Q: Ack: It seems like our defense is having particular trouble covering receivers over the middle. Is this more a LB or DB issue, communication or what?

A: I think it is a combination of both because in UF's zone two or four scheme that is where they are vulnerable. As long as UF struggles with the run the middle of the defense will be open. If UF dominates the run then the middle will not be open in the passing game. Also, our front 7 seem to stop the running backs pretty well, but if a good running QB takes off on a designed run, he's 10 or 15 yards down the field before we touch him.

Q: The most disheartening thing Sat. nite was to have Saban punt us the ball from our own territory with about 3 1/2 minutes to go, probably with good confidence that we could not do what was necessary to run out the clock, nor to stop them when they got the ball back. Thanks for your excellent column and we need to keep supporting the coaches and players who certainly want to win more than anyone. Jimbo.

A: Jimbo, Fisher found a weakness and kept going to it and UF could not stop it. To stop the trap your middle linebacker as to get in the hole and one of your tackles preferably someone who can play nose must be disruptive. Florida should have adjusted their front to put a tackle on the center and it should have stopped it. I am not sure with McDonald? out they had anyone who could two gap the middle.

Q: Fason seems to disappear in middle of the 3rd quarter and early in the 4th quarter of games. Not only does he not seem to get any carries during that stretch, but he's not even in the game. It happened against UT, Arkansas and LSU. Is this planned so that he is fresh down the stretch or has he been that banged up? Also, when will Skyler start to see more snaps? Thanks. IMBrown

A: I think Fedora has gotten away from the run for various reasons. In the LSU game Fason ran the ball down there before they bogged down and in the fourth quarter the Tigers had the ball 11minutes. Fason rotates with Wynn unless he is really hot like the Kentucky game but this week in crunch time he was in and only carried the ball once in the last two minutes. Look for Thornton to play some next week but Wynn should get 15 carries this week.

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