RECRUITING: The latest from Eddie Haupt, OL

Eddie Haupt is widely known in Gator circles as one of the absolute top offensive linemen on the entire recruiting board. Haupt visited Gainesville for the Florida- LSU game on October 9th. He tells us what he thought of the trip and more along with some new tidbits.

He arrived just in time to see a great game. "I got there just before the game. I was going to stay if they won, but we left when they didn't. I think we got home about 4:15 in the morning. Yes, the game got away from the Gators at the end and left "The Swamp" in a funk. Still, Haupt said the atmosphere was about as good as it gets. "It was great besides the loss. It was a little deflating."

However, he seemed to really enjoy the overall atmosphere despite the loss. Said Eddie, "The fans were great and everyone up there was great. I saw a lot of players that were there on my visit, and they are all still upbeat and everything. My friends that I went with had a great time too. The one that was a huge Miami fan was surprised how good the stadium and the fans were." Haupt went on about the crowd interaction, "I liked how everyone was behind their team. They are definitely loud and into the game."

The game was attended by a who's who of all-star southern recruits. "It seemed like all the recruits I met at camp that I talked to really loved the Swamp and talked about how they had goose bumps when they walked out on the field."

Eddie Haupt caught up with a couple of Gator recruiters and others on his visit. "Before the game in the Gator Room I talked to Coach Zook, Coach Locksley, and Coach Wickline. Afterwards I talked to Coach Wickline for a while when the players were in the locker room. Finally, I went and talked to a few of the players."

How did the experience of a big game, although a loss, affect Haupt's feeling about the Gators? "The Gators are still number one on my list. The loss, like I said, it was deflating, but it doesn't really change that much in recruiting for me. It would be great if you could win them all but most people aren't these days. It would have been great if they would have won and held on, but unfortunately they didn't."

It is the opinion of many that the Gator offensive line is playing well this year. What is Haupt's perception? "I haven't really compared them to other lines. I usually watch (Mike) Degory. They all look like they are well coached; there is nothing I really see negative about the way they play."

As for the Gator coaches and staff, Haupt said, "I probably talk to Coach Locksley the most, he and Coach Wickline. I like Coach Wickline. At first people think he is like a boot camp drill sergeant guy, but he has a great sense of humor. He's really sarcastic."

Finally, with Haupt leaning to the Gators for such a long time now, fans of the all-star offensive lineman have been begging for him to pull the trigger. "I still plan on committing on Count Down to Signing Day. When, will depend on how far we go in the playoffs. I will also graduate in December and be able to enroll in January to the school I choose." This means we'll be hearing about his commitment sometime in December. In a little over a month, Eddie Haupt will make some big time college program very happy about his college decision.

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