Gators vs. MTSU Post-Game Quotes from the team

<B>Coach Zook's Opening Statement:</B> In this game, a lot of good things happened and we played well in both halves. We still have some things we need to correct, but our offense is clicking. It was good to play a lot of people and get them some experience. But next week we are back in conference play and then we go from there.

On the linebackers…

I think we took him off the kickoff team in the second quarter; he was getting a little winded but he's getting better and he will. He reminds me a little of Channing last year and Channing had a spring ball under his belt. Brandon did well. Todd was out there although he missed a couple of sacks, but it was good getting him out there. We are going to need everybody in these last five games.

Earl Everett

I thought Earl played well, really do. We had Earl in some tough situations, in particular we were playing some 2 -Deep and let Earl run with the receiver down the middle of the field and we feel like he is athletic enough to do that. It may have been Earl's best game in terms of making plays and flying around the field out there.

Was it good to have a game instead of an open date?

I don't know. It would have been nice to have a little rest. I am glad it is over and we will just move on down the road. We may do the same thing this Monday that we did last Monday (gave them practice off). We will look at the tape and see how we are; for the most part we are pretty good with injuries and things, so we will just have to see where we are on Monday.

The front 7 looked good with the pressure…

We probably came after them just a little bit more although most of our sacks came from base 4-man stuff. I think they turned the notch up a little bit, and I think we are going to the rest of these five games.

Stephen Harris at tackle…

He has been playing tackle some all year long. We have him in there on some packages, there was nothing new there.

DeShawn back in the mix…

I told DeShawn after the game that was the DeShawn Wynn that I know. You don't have to know a lot about football to know that he was running hard and spinning. We are going to need both of those guys; we are going to need more than one running back.

Play of wide receivers…

We talked about they need to make some plays. They dropped two in the first drive. But they came back and got on a roll there. The one play that Chad made, that was a great play. When you have guys that are capable of doing that, that is what they have to do.

Were there injuries?

No I don't think so. We held OJ out in the second half because he dinged his shoulder. If it was something where we felt like we had to have him, I think he would have played

The defense was still on the field a lot today. Is that still a concern?

A little bit. To me, today the concern was more of on some third downs where we were just a step away from making the play. If you go back and look (at the offense), we had five touchdown drives of five plays or less. Ewe had two drives of one play. When that happens, the time of possession is going to swing unless you go out there and stone them three and out each time. That's a good offense, they do a nice job. Their plan is to control the football, there 3-5 yard passes is there running game. Obviously they are going to run the out and ups, which they got one (touchdown) on. We had pass interference on one. We lost contain on the first out and up, Hot Tamale (Terrance Holmes) got too close to the receiver. We need to go back and look at third down; we were a little short there. Not getting off the field is what you look at, not time of possession.

What can you take from this game being moved and from all the stuff going on this week?

Obviously, there were a lot of distractions this week and we were looking to get out there and play. We are concerned about Mississippi State, period. I don't want to hear about we are out of it now or your not out of it now. We worry about Miss. State. It is the next game. We play them one game at a time, and worry about the outcome in December. Florida WR Andre Caldwell

On his touchdown catch:

"That relieved a lot of stress. I have been waiting for a long time and it finally came to me. I accepted the challenge and was able to get into the endzone. That was one of the best balls I have seen in a long time and that just shows why he is Chris Leak and he is a great player."

On QB Chris Leak's play:

"I knew he was going to bounce back. He stayed focused throughout the week and he just said that he would throw the ball up there and make plays and he did that today."

On having the game in a scheduled bye week:

"It was better to go out and play than have the week off because we are hungry right now. We just wanted to be on the field competing agaist another team instead of beating on each other. We went out there and did that today."

DT Marcus Thomas

On the team's performance: "We had our backs against the wall and we are just going to come out and play from here on out. Everything is behind us. It's like starting the season all over again and we just want to come out to play."

On making plays:

"We just want to win. When you are in the game you only get a few opportunities so you want to make the most of any opportunities you get in the game. You want to go out and make plays when your number is called."

WR Chad Jackson On the game:

"It was great to go out and have a game like this going out and playing a good team like this. Our receivers made some great plays."

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