Basketball season officially arrived in Gainesville when the clock hit 12 Friday night. Fueled by the atmosphere of a packed O'Connell Center with a total attendance of 9,417, the basketball team took the floor with individual announcements and were ready to perform, but not before a few festivities.

On the Madness play bill was a surprise performance from someone who had appeared on American Idol. As most already know, international sex symbol and superstar singer William Hung stole the hearts and cheers of the orange and blue in attendance and he didn't give them back.

Hung performed his smash hits, "She Bangs", "Rocket Man", and "YMCA." The fun didn't end there as Hung got his own black Gator jersey and even bounced the ball for senior David Lee in his final dunk contest attempt.

In the annual slam dunk contest, defending champion David Lee was edged by guest entrant Mike Morrison, the SEC high jump champion for Florida's track and field team. Morrison won on a dunk where he leapt from the free throw line.

In a mixed three-point shootout, the combo of Anthony Roberson and Tamia Williams edged Matt Walsh and Tasha Morehead. Billy Donovan then made Walsh run a half hearted suicide.

The Gator dazzlers performed twice as did the stomach churning Gator Idol contestants who made plenty in the audience cringe. Donovan was definitely the Simon Cowell of the group.

Getting down to the actual basketball team, and it should be taken with the utmost grain of salt because no defense was played during an eight minute scrimmage, these are my impressions of what I saw.

Anthony Roberson's touch is back, but more importantly Taurean Green showed flashes of what he will bring to the table in 2004. Green hit two perimeter jumpers as well as dished out a couple nice assists in traffic. Lee Humphrey hit a nice three from the top of the key and it was obvious to those that didn't know that Cornelius Ingram was a football player.

Ingram was one of the most physically cut guys out there, something that isn't noticeable with the pads on and had some nice assists.

Lee and Moss had the normal bounce in their step, but it was freshman center Joakim Noah that stole the show. Noah danced the night away during a dance routine that featured the dazzlers, Al Horford and Humphrey shaking it in front of the crowd.

During introductions, Noah also managed to toss in a little "Harlem Shaker" dance move. For those of you that don't watch BET, and/or are over the age of 25, the Shaker consists of a shaking of the shoulders while dipping low. I digress.

2005 recruits David Huertas and Derwin Kitchen were in attendance sitting next to each other from what I saw and Dave Telep reported Jimmie Sutton was there as well.

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