RECRUITING: Interview with Adam Myers-White

Adam Myers-White has had a tough year. First he gets injured with a nasty high-ankle sprain. Then Ohio State rescinded their scholarship offer when he would commit on their command. Since then, Adam has started to get things going on the field again and added a new team to his top five. Read on to see what he had to say and view his highlight videos!

For those that follow recruiting closely, Adam Myers-White had long been considered a stone cold lock to the Ohio State Buckeyes. Yet, inexplicably, one day the coaches called and when he wouldn't commit they told him they were moving in another direction. Ohio State's loss will most certainly be another program's gain. Adam's top five had consisted of OSU, Purdue, Southern Cal, Tennessee, and Florida. When asked who replaced Ohio State the answer was quick. Nebraska.

I asked Adam if he could elaborate a little on each of his five choices.

USC: "USC just has a great tradition…top ranking all the time. My uncle is out in California as well."

Purdue: "It's close to home…great education. They're having a great year this year."

Tennessee: "That's going back home from Ohio to Tennessee where my mother's side of the family is from. They're like a half an hour away."

Florida: "See how it is far from home, not knowing anybody. Just try to grow up by myself."

Nebraska: "That's the same thing at Nebraska (as Florida). Working with an ex-NFL coach, when he tells you something you listen…that's his life."

What about his official visits? "I'm going to take them all. I'm going to Purdue tonight. Nebraska is on the 30th of this month, USC is November 27th, Florida is the 13th of November or something like…around that weekend. Tennessee is December 7th…somewhere around that." Looking at those early visits might lead one to believe Adam is graduating early, but he told us he is scheduled for a regular graduation.

As I mentioned earlier, Adam's season has been hampered by injuries, so there isn't too much to talk about as far as his current season is concerned. But he told us he tries to lead by example. "I've been injured most of the season. First game I had a severe high-ankle sprain." "I lead by example. I am not much of a talkative person when I play, so I lead by example when I can and give advice when I can." Knowing that, for what type of program is White looking? "I'm looking to play early and a winning tradition…that's able to win a championship - a national championship. I want to have my degree in physical therapy or sports medicine."

White is being recruited as a free safety by all of his favorite programs; how does he feel about Charlie Strong and Dan Disch? "I haven't talked to the defensive coordinator, but I've talked to Coach Disch and I get along with him real well." Coach Disch is recruiting White for Florida. As mentioned earlier, playing time will be a factor for Adam, but he feels that the depth chart at UF is favorable for him.

What about his style of play? How does White describe himself as a player? "Watching Sean Taylor helped me a lot. I come up to hit and I try to catch the pass as well. I actually like hitting more than I do pass coverage. That's what I'm really for more…pass coverage is what I need to work on, that's one of my weaknesses. It's more hitting for me than pass coverage. They really don't throw it to me anymore though. I can support the run really quickly." That seems to be a common theme about defensive back recruits for UF this year. White told me that since a stretch last year where he intercepted four passes in four games, most teams just try to avoid him.

White is a very humble young man. He was very modest in his self-assessment. This is what he said when I posed the question to him about what he thinks he needs to do to get better. "Just get better overall. Pass coverage is one of the things I want to work on, but just getting better overall is going to help me. No doubt I have to get better. The rankings don't really matter at all. When you get there you have to be ready to play collegiate football."

Adam Myers-White Highlight Videos.

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