FOOTBALL: Zook's future... Who knows?

Florida AD Jeremy Foley won't reveal anything to the media in a week that will certainly be the loooooongest in Gainesville since Hurricane Frances took her sweet time turning Florida from The Sunshine State to The Plywood State. He'll be asked though. Foley and Zook are currently sharing a corner booth with a hot seat. Georgia week is traditionally one of the biggest media blitz events during the calendar year, and Foley will be everywhere. But, Foley's company line is prepped and polished.

You'll hear it repeatedly this week. "We'll review the performance of our entire program including Coach Zook and his staff after the completion of the season" Florida's loss to lowly Mississippi State has, in my opinion, just about sealed the fate of the Zooker. I say just about, because Zook's only, and I mean only, saving grace is to win out and his hope in Foley that he can (and will) save him after the season. And that too is a reach. A long reach. Foley has a hot seat too, and he won't go down with the ship. I firmly believe that Foley is opening the drawer, and checking the list twice. But, who looks nice?

If you really want the answer to the Zook question…ask a Bull Gator. They have access to the UAA like none of the rest of us, and if you contributed as much as they do, you would demand that as well. But, what will they demand of Foley?

Foley once said that he keeps a list of three candidates on hand in his desk drawer at all times. Will certain Bull Gators insist on his revelation of the names on that list. Absolutely. Should they? Absolutely. After alienating several boosters and fans by turning over the reins of a championship program to a coach who had no head coaching experience and limited time as a coordinator in college or pro football, their trust in Foley has faded. No, not all of them, but many feel that enough is enough.

The Florida Gators are reeling. As funny as all of this is to those on Rocky Top, Between the Hedges, and mounting Renegade, their joy may be temporary. Zook has amassed a tremendous pool of talent that most agree should begin to peak in '05. Somebody will replace Zook. All of those who are taking pride in the demise of the Gators should realize that it is short lived.

Anybody remember those phenomenal Florida teams of '84 and '85, who blasted the opposition for a winning percentage of .818? Galen Hall stepped in and after replacing a couple of key assistants coached those teams to first place finishes. How about those proud Gators of '90 and '91, who were largely recruited by Hall, yet driven by Steve Spurrier to conference championships. Spurrier has always given Hall and his staff credit for bringing in a bunch of good ballplayers.

How about Terry Bowden's first two undefeated teams at Auburn? There was talent aplenty left behind by Pat Dye, and Dye will not hesitate reminding you, if given 60 seconds. And don't forget our neighbors in Miami, Larry Coker took the ‘Canes to an undefeated season and a National Championship in 2001, his first year as their head coach. While there is no promise of an undefeated or even championship season in '05, the precedent is there, and Foley is hot seat.

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