Road Trip - National Hot 100 DL Kade Weston

<b>Kade Weston</b> is a huge defensive tackle prospect at 6-5 and 300 pounds, and the New Jersey star is likely to head South to play his college ball. Since he won't be able to come to the South until next year, we brought the South to him this weekend and captured <b>pictures and video</b> of the big man in action.

One can tell a lot about a player by watching video, but there is no substitute for seeing a player in person. Being that Kade Weston is likely to end up in SEC country, I took a quick trip up to New Jersey on Saturday to put an eyeball on the big defensive tackle, and I didn't come away disappointed.

Weston played defensive end in the game, but he is certain to move inside to tackle on the college level. What does he think about playing end right now?

"I don't mind. I like playing tackle," said Weston, "but if it helps the team win, I'll play defensive end."

Help the team win he certainly did on Saturday. The first half consisted of Colts Neck running away from Weston's end position, and in doing so, I couldn't help but think about Deion Sanders. They said Sanders could take away one half of the field in his prime, but I don't think I'd ever seen a defensive lineman take away one half of the field until I watched Weston in action.

Wetson moved to both sides of the line of scrimmage, and he made life miserable for the Colts Neck quarterback and running backs. Even if he didn't make the sack, the Colts Neck quarterback seemed to always have 300 pounds of Weston land on him, and that takes its toll. That isn't an ambulance siren you hear in the background after one such play, but it might as well have been.

Weston also played offensive line was on the punt return unit. He is new to the game of football with only four years under his belt, but this is his first time playing any offense at all. Defensive coaches recruiting him would be well advised to keep their offensive line coaches away from this video, or they are going to have another recruiting battle to do once he is signed.

Looking a little out of place in New Jersey, I had several people ask me what I was doing all the way from Atlanta to film a player in New Jersey. I explained to them that Weston was nationally ranked by, I believed he would likely end up in the South, and I wanted to get some high quality video on him for the Subscribers of

One such encounter was caught on video, and you'll be able to hear it. The trainer asked me about why I was in New Jersey, and after the quick explanation she said "Oh, OK, I couldn't figure out who you were watching."

Just then Weston buries his player in a big hit, and I answered with a good laugh... "HIM!"

Her answered that followed was a typical response by anyone I talked to while I was there coaches, parents, and teachers, "He's a great guy."

One of my favorite clips that I included as the first part of Part II is watching Weston coach one of his teammates on the field, and then go out and make the tackle. That's the kind of leadership and character that doesn't show up on most game films and any highlight films, but goes a long way towards showing the type of person and player that Weston is going to be.

Weston for his part remains quiet and humble off the field. Here is a quick Q&A I had with him after his game on Saturday.

SK - Where are you originally from?
KW - I grew up in Trinidad.

SK - Then I know you played soccer, right?
KW - Yes. I played soccer for 14 years before I played football. I like football better now.

SK - Who are some of the schools you are looking at the most right now?
KW - I'd really like to go to the South. If I decide to stay close to home, it will be Maryland, but I like Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

SK - Any favorites out of that bunch?
KW - My first three would be my favorites right now.

Weston had a productive enough game, that I was able to put two full reels of him together (1 reel is typically 2 minutes). He is strictly on defense in Part I, and he makes life miserable for players he is blocking on the OL and on punt returs in most of Part II. Videos are for Total Access Pass Holders, and if you're not a member, we hope that you'll consider giving us a try. A 7 Day Free Trial with no risk to you. You'll be glad you did!

#76 DL Kade Weston Part I (With Sound)

#76 DL Kade Weston Part II (With Sound)

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