FOOTBALL: Jarvis Herring on Zook's firing

It was real tough on us, especially the freshmen and senior guys. The reason the freshmen came here was because of Coach Zook. The seniors have to go through this change. They are trying to go undefeated against Georgia and do a lot of things and accomplish a lot of goals. We thought the whole situation was handled wrong. Georgia is an important game and it hurt us very bad.

We don't think Coach Zook got a fair chance. If you are going to build a program it will take 4-5 years to get it going in your direction. We think the whole situation was handled wrong.

On the game Saturday with Georgia…

No telling how the team will play. It might be one of the best games since Zook has been here.

Can the Gators win out?

We can but it isn't going to help the coaches.

Any defections over the firing and who?

Maybe a lot of guys because of this incident, whoever can leave, they probably will. I can't really say. But, some of the guys are really thinking about leaving. They are tired of the decisions made upstairs and are getting out of here. There are guys that want to transfer. They are just ready to go.

Where will the team be then next year?

There is so much talent around here. Coach Zook has brought so much talent in. You haven't seen how much it is. If another good coach comes in I guess you will see it.

What about the meeting with Jeremy Foley?

We knew it would happen sooner or later, but we thought at least it would happen at the end of the season and it would be handled correctly. Basically, he was telling us yesterday, that the decision was because of us. Well, if it is because of us, they could have waited till the end of the season. It was a dumb decision.

It got very heated. If the questions would have lasted much longer there is no telling what might have happened. He couldn't answer the questions we had, he got very repetitive. It got very heated.

Before he came in, we had to watch Coach Zook about to cry. We know how much these coaches love us and put forth effort in trying to put us in the places they want us to be in and we hate to see stuff like that.

It was all in here (player auditorium), face to face and maybe some players will go up and approach him again. It won't help the situation. The only thing we can do is win out and help the coaches out for their future.

Quite a few guys walked out because they didn't want to see his face. We just have to step up and be a man. Anything we have to do to show that the team isn't breaking down.

He kept saying it is all about the team, it's all about the team. Well, it's not about the team. Its really about the boosters and the fans. We are just in the middle of this stuff.

Damn the players. We are the ones that make this S*&^, but damn the players. It's all about the fans and the boosters. We love the fans, but its all about the boosters that make the decisions. There are only a few true fans anyway.

I think it would have been better if they would have let Zook know and kept it from the team and keep away the distractions. I thought he would have had at least another year.

Anything to say to the people?

You have to know people first before you start talking B(*& S**&^ about them.

Who is it toughest on?

I think it is a lot harder for the younger guys, because he is the reason for coming here. It's basically like saying, we got what we wanted. We got you here now. We'll bring the next coach in to see if we can use ya'll for his system. F*&^ ya'll, I don't care about your season anyway. That's about it.

What about Coach Strong?

He will always have a job. Coach Strong is a great coach to tell you the truth. He just came in with a bunch of guys that didn't want to learn a new system. He is the third defensive coordinator for the older guys and it is hard to just flip a switch and learn a new system. He came into a bad situation.

Will you play hard on Saturday?

I promise you we will, I promise you we will.

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