RECRUITING: Spencer Adkins and Ronnie Wilson

Gator Country caught up with a couple of high profile recruits to get their opinion of the current goings-on at the University of Florida and the possible replacements for the coaching staff. There were some interesting comments. Read on.

Spencer Adkins is undoubtedly one of the top linebacker prospects in the nation. The 6 foot 225lb bruiser took a few minutes to chat with us. Adkins top 4 programs still consist of Miami, Florida, Florida State, and Georgia, and he is still planning on making his committment on National Signing Day.

GC: What went through your mind when you heard Coach Zook had been let go?

SA: "I was like, man, should I still be considering this school? But, I figured I'd just wait and see what happens."

GC: So, it's safe to say that Florida is still one of the top schools you are considering?

SA: "Yeah."

GC: There are many names being mentioned as a potential coach. What are your thoughts on Bo Pelini as one of those names? (I then filled him in on Pelini's history)

SA: "OH."

GC: Can you talk about your opinion of Coach Miller and whether or not you would like to see him stay on as linebackers coach?

SA: "I would love to see him stay because I've kinda bonded with him. I've talked with him for a little while. But, I don't really have control over anything."

GC: Have you had any ideas about a visit?

SA: "I'll still probably visit. Around January."

Ronnie Wilson is considered by many to be a must have offensive line prospect. The 6 foot 5 inch mauler has had the Gators high atop his radar for some time, and like with all of the other prospects, the change in staff has affected Wilson's outlook as well.

GC: What is your reaction to Coach Zook getting let go and how might that affect your decision?

RW: "Boy, I've gotten that question a lot. It's kinda hard now that I don't know who's going to be the coach, or who can be the coach. With me leaving early it's kinda hard. But, if I decide to go there I don't think it would make a big difference to me."

GC: When would you like to see a new staff announced?

RW: "Sometime before December 23rd." (Signing Day for early enrolling students)

GC: What do you make of Spurrier potenially coming back to Florida?

RW: "Well, if he comes back, I guess it really wouldn't make a big difference, other than he's been there and I know how he coaches."

GC: What would you like to see in and from a new staff?

RW: "I liked all the coaches, and I wouldn't want to see any of them go, but knowing that they makes a big difference. I heard that the old coaching staff is gone."

GC: Any coaches you would like to see come in to Florida?

RW: "I don't know his staff (Spurrier) too well, but I wouldn't mind playing for Coach Wickline."

GC: Is Florida still one of your leaders?

RW: "Well, I don't have any leaders, but they are still on my list.

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