FOOTBALL: It's the Bulldogs, dang it!

Lost amidst the talk of firing and hiring of coaches this week is the fact that the Gators have a huge game against hated archrival Georgia. The Bulldogs are and have always been on my hit list growing up as I grew up in Jacksonville. We have a huge game against a team I love to hate and no one around here wants to talk about it.

I certainly hope the team doesn't feel that way. Lost in the emotion of playing for their coach, the Gators have to prepare for more than just the press frenzy associated with the circus constructed by the university administration this week. Having attended the end of a couple of practices and chatting a little with a few players, I feel they will be ready to knock heads.

It's amazing how these guys can focus with the questions forced in their face. What do you think about a new coach? What kind of feelings do you have for your current coach? What do you feel about the UF athletic administration? What do you feel about the BullGators that supposedly made this happen in the middle of the season?

We are talking about a team full of 18 and 19 year olds that have to deal with the loss of ten father figures that they have spent the better part of a year or two with. A team that should be concentrating on the X's and O's against a hated rival, yet can't even finish practice without having non-game related activities shoved in their face.

They needed a break from the madness. Monday they were told through various news outlets about their coaches being fired then they had to spend all day fretting over a decision they absolutely disgusted. Tuesday they were still mad and decided that they were going to tell the world. Word was, the activity inside the fence and on the practice field was as good as it has been. Wednesday, I have been told they are flat out ready to take it out on the Georgia Bulldogs.

There is a lot to be upset with this team and what it has failed to accomplish this year. A look back at the season and we had a rescheduling of three games and the possibility of another (Tennessee). An overblown "incident" at a fraternity house that the media made their leader look like some uncontrollable monster. Two hard losses to top teams that are always ranked high. Then, of course, a devastating loss to a team they had no business losing to. This team has been through a lot of stuff in a very short period of time.

While we sit and fret over Stevie Wonder, or whoever will be the next ball coach for our beloved Gators, don't forget about our boys in Orange and Blue -- you know the ones I am talking about? They are playing the Bulldogs, dang it! We need to let them know we care and look forward to winning a big game again.

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