FOOTBALL: Post-game quotes from Coach and players

Here are your post game quotes from the Florida Georgia game in which Coach Zook and several players are quoted.

On the game:

"We are disappointed, but I will tell you something. Those guys didn't quit. They had plenty of opportunities to give up: Channing (Crowder) out, Earl (Everett) out, other injuries. They had chances to quit, but they never did. Did we win? No. We made too many mistakes against a good football team. But those guys fought until the end. They could have cashed in, but didn't. So now we just have to get ready to go and take on Vanderbilt next weekend."

On Channing Crowder's injury:

"They hung in there and kept playing. Travis Harris played even though he's still hobbling. But if Channing's out, the defense is going to fall onto him. It's going to fall onto all the young guys. They have to grow up. Channing has been our defensive leader. Its tough to pick up when he's out."

On Quarterback David Greene:

"He's just a great player. He's played in a lot of big games and he did a lot in this game, as was expected he'd do. They are a senior ball club. Just a great ball club."

On team emotion coming into the game:

"It was very unsettling. I didn't know how the team would take it. It was an emotional week. But I am proud of them for hanging in there. We just did too little, too late. " "We have a young football team. With all the emotions we've gone through, the coaches have done a fabulous job of having the players ready to play and to compete. We gained 400 yards against a very good defense. That's pretty good."

Running Back, Ciatrick Fason

On the game

"It hurt not to get the victory for Coach Zook. Coach wanted us to come out here and leave everything on the field. We did that. We put up a good fight with Georgia." "We tried real hard to get the victory. The offense and defense made some mistakes. After everything we'd been through this week, we really wanted to just go out there and play. It was hard to focus on this game, but I think we did a good job with it."

Defensive End, Jeremy Mincey

On the game

"We went out there and gave it the best we could. You can see how young and talented we are. We did the best we could. We just got the defense rolling too late, but we tried really hard."

Center, Mike Degory

On the game

"Losing against Georgia hurts. This is the kind of year where we have to look at the bright side. We have a young team and we tried really hard. We came out here and fought. It was a rough week for us and we still came out and fought til the end." "This game shows our character. We had a chance to fold and we didn't. We came out okay and gave a real effort. It says something about us. Losing is always disappointing, but it's good to know we came out and put up a good fight."

On this past week

"I couldn't sleep this week. It was disappointing the whole week. We were trying to win for our coaches and ourselves."

Quarterback, Chris Leak

On the game

"Things happen and we just have to keep playing. We tried hard and we just have to keep trying. We had a lot to overcome this week with everything going on." "We were eager to come out and play hard for Coach. We're proud to be Gators and we wanted to play and win for ourselves."

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