Gator News And World Report (11/1/2004)

The Gator News and World Report for Monday, November 1, 2004. UF's realistic goal: Qualify for a bowl; Zook Searching For Answers; Gators make plans without Crowder; Zook: Team has pride, will finish strong; State hears a 'boom' as three football giants fall hard; UF still could get a bowl, coached by Zook or not; Why is Zook still here?;

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Inconsistency mars another close game
ou didn't have to see it to know, all you had to see was the coaches. Mark Richt made a victory tour of the Georgia half of Alltel Stadium. Ron Zook was eight words into his post-game news conference when he choked up.

Injuries bring new pain for this season
n this season where so much has gone wrong, the Florida Gators could always find solace in the fact they at least had their health. Now, that's taken a major hit, too.

Zook's Gators didn't give up
This will go down as another tough loss for Ron Zook, the beleaguered Florida head coach who was fired on Monday. Another punch in the gut.

UF's realistic goal: Qualify for a bowl
Gators haven't missed postseason since 1990, when program was on probation.

Zook Searching For Answers
After a week of emotional free fall that ended with a crushing loss to Georgia, outgoing University of Florida football coach Ron Zook is wondering how he can mentally recharge his players before they face Vanderbilt on Saturday.

Swing State
It was Oct. 14, 1978. Newlywed George W. Bush was on his way to defeat in a bid for a Texas seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Gators make plans without Crowder
Channing Crowder has a sprained arch and might have played in his last game for Florida.

Zook: Team has pride, will finish strong
As Coach Ron Zook's final stretch at Florida winds down, the pain continues. The sting hasn't subsided. And the disappointments haven't let up.

Gators can't complete comeback
The players said they would carry their coach off the field after a big victory. They said they would answer a dramatic week of adversity with an even more dramatic day of success. But that's not at all what happened Saturday in Jacksonville. This season simply doesn't come with any happy endings.

State hears a 'boom' as three football giants fall hard
Hurricane season ended about a month early this year. Same goes for the Seminoles and Gators. In fact, there's an unsettling new November forecast just in for the Sunshine State.

UF still could get a bowl, coached by Zook or not
When the final three games of Florida's season and coach Ron Zook's tenure are judged, Zook will apply one standard, the record books another.

Why is Zook still here?
Behind the podium hung a blue curtain, replete with the Florida Gators logos. That was Ron Zook's backdrop as the Florida coach explained another loss early Saturday evening. What the TV cameras didn't pick up was the smiley face drawn with blue ink on the grease board to Zook's right.

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