Florida Commit Back to Open?

The recruitment of Florida Commitment Vlad Richard is one that many fans are paying close attention to this recruiting year. Has he opened up his recruitment again?

"I'm looking at Florida, North Carolina State, Auburn, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio State, and Miami and Florida State are still in the mix too. Everybody is equal," Vladimir Richard said.

What does he like about each of those finalists?

Florida: "You know, even with the coaches change I'm hearing that whoever comes in there may still keep Bill Williams and that's important to me."

NC State: "They have a great defense and they like to play young players. They have a lot of Florida guys on their team."

Auburn: "They have a lot of Florida guys too, and they're having a great year. I know a couple of guys on their team like Pat Sims."

Georgia: "It's big time football up there. The area is a great place to be from what I hear. It would be exciting to play there."

Tennessee: "They're doing really well right now and I see that they are recruiting Florida guys like Brent Schaeffer. I feel I could go up there and excel."

Ohio State: "They have a lot of great coaching out there and they put their guys in position to make plays. I watched them on TV, and I feel I can fit in there."

Miami: "You know, they just have tough football. They do have a lot of depth at my position though, so they aren't as high as the other ones really."

Florida State: "It's a big football town and they have good coaching. Their defensive coordinator isn't afraid to play young guys either."

Does Richard still plan to attend college with teammate Gerald Williams?

"Were going to the same school. It's real important to me. He's someone that I know very well and we have similar characteristics. Not all best friends have this opportunity to play together and I don't think I can pass it up."

Richard will take his first official visit at the end of this week.

"I go to Tennessee this weekend for the Notre Dame game and I go to NC State in early December also. Were working on an Auburn one for the Bowl week too. If I had to pick 2 other schools to visit right now, they would probably be Georgia and Ohio State."

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