FOOTBALL: Zook talks recruiting and players

The Florida football team practiced in "The Swamp" as part of their preparation for Saturday afternoon's contest versus Vanderbilt in Knoxville. The triple play on the minds of the media today included injuries, linebackers, and recruiting.

A comment was made to Coach Ron Zook regarding the outstanding job that recruiting coordinator Mike Locksley has taken on, keeping the early commitments focused on Gator Country. "I've had several of them call me. That's their (the staff's job. Just because, well, I'm not, but some of those guys may be here. It's still the University of Florida. It's still a good place. It's still a great academic institution. It's got a great future. There are a lot of good, young players here now and I think that it's important that they continue to have a good class. This is the year that we said that we felt like we needed to have. The third year, this was the class that we said that we needed to get and we're well on our way to having a great one," Coach Zook replied.

The Zooker also took a moment to address the state of the Gators, since his dismissal one week ago. "All of that is going to blow over. Just like you hear in the beginning that guys are going to leave. Well, they don't know how to react. They don't know how to act. Like I said the other day, the coaches don't know how to react and act. These guys are only 18 years old and all of a sudden they don't know what they're futures are going to be, who's going to be here, and what it's going to be like. As time passes they'll be alright."


On the injury front, Zook said that DeShawn Wynn had an MRI before practice, but he had yet to get a report on the results. "Everybody practiced except Travis, Channing, and DeShawn Wynn. I'd say that Channing and DeShawn will probably be doubtful. I'd say Travis is questionable (for Saturday's game against Vanderbilt). If it's a sprained arch, sometimes it depends on the guy. Channing is a guy that's a lot tougher than some too."

Freshmen Linebackers…

"Once again, like we talked about in the team meeting, those guys might have to step up (Javier and Brandon) and this is the opportunity they've been waiting for. It's an opportunity for them. They have a chance to go play. He is tough guy. Javier is tough. He's a competitor. The only thing that he lacks is experience, and he may not have a choice. He's an intelligent guy. He doesn't have any problem. I think that when he gets into a game, he's going to give it his best shot. Brandon is no longer a freshman. He's a veteran now. Every time he steps onto the field, he's going to get better and better. He kinda hit the wall there a little bit two weeks ago, and I noticed on Saturday that he's beginning to come out of it. It's just a normal thing that happens to freshmen."

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