FOOTBALL: Coach Zook Q & A

"We had a good practice last night. I liked their attitude and how they flew around and jumped around. Everybody practiced except Channing (Crowder), DeShawn Wynn, and Travis Harris. I'd say probably that Channing and Wynn will be out. Harris will probably be a game time decision. There's no reason to believe that we won't come out and prepare (for Vanderbilt) like we did last week."

On Crowder's injury…

"They're going to take him out of the cast and look at him again tomorrow. He has a sprained arch; it's not a break. It will take some time, but my guess is Channing will come back fast. I doubt whether he will play this week."

On the attitude of the players and what is to be expected…

"I think we will turn it on like we are supposed to and like we expect them to. I am very proud of them."

On the offensive line and their great play and the penalties…

"The motion things sometimes you have to get away from. You have to look at the different penalties. I said before the season started that we felt the offensive line would be the best it's been since we got here. Anytime you can play against that defense (Georgia), a senior defense, a veteran defense, any time you get 458 yards on them, you're doing something right."

On Ciatrick Fason reaching 1,000 yards

"That's the number that everyone kind-of goes by, if you get 1,000 yards then you've accomplished what a running back is supposed to do. I think more importantly, not only has he done a great job of running the football, he's become a complete back and that's important. If he has the opportunity to go to the next level, he has to do more than just run the football. There are a lot of guys who can run the ball. But he plays the game, and has a good work ethic. He knows the protections and he's catching the ball out of the backfield. When he first got here, he couldn't catch a cold and now he does a pretty good job out of the backfield. The more things that you do, the better you will be. There is no question he runs with a different style, and he has done a great job. (Can he play in the pros?) I think so, the kind of year that he has had in this league, his work ethic and so forth, but until you get there you never know."

On preparing for Vanderbilt

"We're going to do the job we are supposed to do. These guys aren't going to quit. They will give us all they've got. If you look at this game over the years, it's always been a concern. It was a concern when I was here in the early 90's; it was a concern when we won the national championship, no reason to think differently this season as well. They are an excellent coached football team. They have an offense that causes a lot of problems and a quarterback like the guy at Arkansas. They have a defense that flies around and makes you beat them. It is going to be important that we're sound and smart in what we're doing."

On Brandon Siler playing for Crowder…

"He's a veteran now. I think it is important that Todd (McCullough) is back. Todd is a lot like Channing from the standpoint that he can play all of the positions. So you can get depth that way, and he is close to 100% (healthy)."

Who will call the plays for the defense? "Brandon and Todd both."

Can you talk about the cohesion of the team and them not pointing fingers? "Well, they are a team and doing the things that we talked about in the very beginning."

Are you voting today? "I went there at 6:20 this morning but the line was too long. Jemalle Cornelius said as he was running off the field, "Everybody vote.". I said, that's right, and vote the right one. And, no, I'm not going to tell you who the right one is."

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