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RECRUITING: Update on Tony Wright's commitment

In an earlier interview with Tony Wright, he confirmed with us that he had committed to the University of Florida and the coaches. Now, it seems he's changed his mind somewhat as to what he defined as "commitment," so we went on the record with him to tell us what's changed. Get the <b>real</b> inside scoop.

GC - Would you consider yourself a Florida Commitment right now?

TW - No.

GC - How would someone have gotten the impression that you had made a commitment to Florida?

TW - I told the coaches that I wanted to go to Florida.

GC - To you, what is the difference between "I'm committed to Florida" and "I want to go to Florida"?

TW - When you're committed, you're saying you won't change your mind no matter what. When you say you want to go some place, it means that's where you want to go at that time, but you still have the option to change your mind. With a commitment, you can't change that.

GC - Who has been recruiting you for Florida?

TW - Coach Disch.

GC - When is the last time you spoke with him, and what did he say about the coaching change?

TW - I talked with him last week, and he said they were all going to be gone.

GC - If they bring in a new staff, is Florida still the place you want to go.

TW - Yes. I want to meet the new coaching staff.

GC - Who are some of the other schools that you are looking at?

TW - Florida State, Clemson, Georgia Southern, and Georgia.

We want our readers to be aware that before going with this story we did confirm Tony's commitment with other sources, including Tony himself in our prior interview with him . It may be a matter of time and a matter of semantics, but with so many recruits that change their mind at the drop of a hat and when the term "commitment" has lost a lot of its meaning and how it relates to recruiting, Tony Wright just wanted to be sure he wasn't mislabeled. When Tony Wright or any player from Peach County makes a "commitment," there will be no doubt about how solid it is.

For now, consider Wright a very strong lean to the Florida Gators.

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