FOOTBALL: Ask Ack - 11/4 - on Georgia Game & more

This week, Brady Ackerman answers the following questions: Did the Gators have a hangover before the Georgia game? Why wasn't Kyle Jackson in the game? What did Florida do good and bad? Who will play in the middle with Crowder out? Any word on player transfers? Why did Coach Zook order an onside kick?

Q: Did the Gators have a hangover from the news of the past week at the beginning of the Georgia game?

A: I think they were not as sharp as you hope for a big game. Combine that with a very efficient Georgia team and the Gators were down 21-7 right away. If David Greene does not fumble it could have gotten away from them. I think the penalties and the missed tackle early in the game were a direct result of focus and mis-channeled aggression by the Gators.

Q: What were your impressions of the game and the team?

A: I thought is was a bit reflective of the Zook era in that there were was a little bit of everything. A missed opportunity on a trick play, bad officiating, some special teams mistakes, really good offense but bad field position and a defense that needed to make one stop with the game on the line and it could not. I do think it's a tribute to the coaches that the team did not quit and was close once again.

Q: What happened on the touchdown to Fred Gibson and why wasn't Kyle Jackson in the game?

A: Cory Bailey just did not make a play on the skinny post. It was eerily similar to the LSU play before the half but at least in that game the tigers dragged a player across the middle to confuse Bailey. This time is was a one receiver route that should have been intercepted or broken up at the least. Kyle Jackson had let Reggie Brown slip behind him the series before on a big play that turned the game. It was a freshman mistake in which Jackson did not maintain deep coverage when it became a scramble play. The ironic thing on the Gibson touchdown is Georgia got called for a false start on third and five and the dogs were going to run it and settle for a field goal.

Q: What are some things Florida did well?

A: The defense adjusted at half time and held the Dogs to seven yards rushing in the third quarter. The defense also played well on third down holding Georgia to 4-12 although the last touchdown was on 3rd and 9. Offensively the Gators ran for 211 yards on the nation's sixth best defense. The Gators also did not turn the ball over and won the time of possession.

Q: What did the Gators do wrong?

A: Once again the defensive line did not get off blocks early in the game. Guys are getting hit and being run out of too many running plays. I would say the defensive line has been the biggest disappointment this season. Matt Leach missed a crucial field goal before the half that would have closed the gap. I also thought Chris Leak ran too early at times and should have stayed with the play and bought time in the pocket.

Q: Who will play middle if Crowder is out?

A: Don't be surprised if Crowder shows up and plays Saturday. Todd McCollough plays well in the box and you could see some of Javier Estopinon this week as well. Siler needs to be outside with Everett and Travis Harris.

Q: Any word on possible players transferring after the season?

A: Now that we are a week removed from the Zook firing the calm after the storm is settling in. Chris Leak is the one guy everyone asks me about and I think he is staying at Florida. He has done well academically and he really likes the University. I think he respects Ron Zook and is thankful that Ron recruited him to Florida. If Spurrier is the coach he is going to be in a much better situation than he was in 1990 coming to UF.

Q: Why did Zook onside kick with time on the clock and two timeouts?

A: I think it's six in one hand and a half dozen in the other. He felt if they could get it back and control their own destiny they could win. He obviously knew they were not going to stop Georgia so he took a chance. When is the last time the defense made a stop when they needed it?

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