The Gators Look For A Coach

The Florida Gators are looking for a new football coach. Speculation runs rampant on who the successor to Ron Zook will be. As a special part of the Gator News and World Report, we will keep the coaching stories seperate. When we find a story related to the coaching search we will post it to make it easy for Gator fans to find and read. We will update it when new stories are released. (last update 11/09/04 5:00 a.m.)

Florida Gator Coaching Search

In-state knowledge key for UF coach (11/09/04)/a>
GAINESVILLE — In 14 seasons at Tallahassee-Lincoln High School, coach David Wilson has identified two signs a college football recruiter is in trouble.

Spurrier's ego got in way of hiring process (11/09/04)
At the risk of insulting Steve Spurrier, what's the big deal? Would it have been that hard to answer a few questions?

Florida had interest in coach -- in 2002 (11/08/04)
Denver coach Mike Shanahan said Monday he has not been contacted about the job opening at the University of Florida and has no intention of leaving the Broncos.

Florida will (Bob) Stoops to new level (11/08/04)
Some fans can't believe the University of Florida fired Ron Zook.

No matter who you are, just take a number (11/08/04)
If they wanted Steve Spurrier to interview for his old job at the University of Florida, just imagine if President Bernie Machen and Athletic Director Jeremy Foley were record-company executives.

Urban Legend (11/08/04)
SALT LAKE CITY - Here in the fresh-scrubbed land of Donny and Marie, of all places, amid the gorgeous backdrop of the Wasatch Mountains and lasting sunshine, you'll find the hottest college football coach in America.

Urban Legend (11/07/04)
The red sea flows uphill in the dark chilly night. It starts downtown on Main Street, where the slow train takes them up the hill toward the college campus that overlooks the quiet city. It starts in the many subdivisions. It starts in the dorms and campus apartments.

All Spurrier truly wanted was a job offer (11/06/04)
Steve Spurrier was asked this question outright Friday morning: "Were you turned off that Jeremy [Foley] and President [Bernie] Machen wanted you to go through the interview process and a national search to become the next coach at the University of Florida?"

Spurrier Wanted Out Of Picture (11/06/04)
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Going through the University of Florida's interview process wasn't the problem for former Gators coach Steve Spurrier. He simply didn't want the job.

Spurrier opts to pass on a replay at Florida (11/05/04)
Questions abound: Who will replace Zook? Will Spurrier coach the Dolphins?

The ol' ball coach bursts the bubble (11/05/04)
The Steve Spurrier Express is gone, kicking up a lot of dust and making a lot of noise as it whisked past Gainesville, but gone all the same.

Spurrier won't return to UF (11/05/04)
In the end, Steve Spurrier decided he didn't want to compete with the coaching legacy he had left behind nearly three years ago at the University of Florida.

No Thanks (11/05/04)
GAINESVILLE - There will be no second coming at the University of Florida.

Spurrier spurns the Gators (11/05/04)
Steve Spurrier's return was desired by many Florida football fans, but he took his name off the Gators' list of possible replacements for Ron Zook.

Spurrier's Statement (11/04/04)
``I have informed Jeremy Foley, our athletic director, that I am withdrawing from consideration for the head coaching position at my alma mater.

Strike 1: Stoops isn't interested (10/28/04)
GAINESVILLE — The list of possible candidates to replace coach Ron Zook at the University of Florida will not include the one active coach with a national championship.

AD says UF will take its time in finding replacement (10/28/04)
GAINESVILLE -- University of Florida officials are sticking to their plan to carefully select head coaching candidates and make a hire in December, Athletic Director Jeremy Foley said Thursday.

Spurrier Sidesteps Succession Questions (10/26/04)
LAKE MARY - Steve Spurrier was smiling Monday, but not about what you think.

Spurrier Won't Be The Only Option (10/26/04)
GAINESVILLE - University of Florida president Bernie Machen scrolled down the list of e-mails on his BlackBerry pager Monday afternoon.

Spurrier only way to go (10/26/04)
In somber tones and professional adjectives, the president, the athletic director and the no-longer-the-football-coach took turns announcing a University of Florida firing Monday that was surprising only for coming sooner rather than later. But no matter what they said, the conversation always was turned back to two words:

Talk of Florida irritates Utah's Meyer (10/26/04)
SALT LAKE CITY -- There was so much going on Monday morning that Utah Coach Urban Meyer had to turn off his phone. And he said he may leave it off.

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