RECRUITING: UF in Sabree Thomas' list of favorites

With all the questions in the air surrounding the Gators these days, recruiting is one of the biggest questions out there. With a full slate of recruits was expected for this signing class, it is anyone's guess as to how the class will turn out. With that in mind we stepped out of the box a little and interviewed a player that has been mentioned a lot here on and at Gator Country in particular. Sabree Thomas clued us in to what he is thinking at this stage of the recruiting process.

The Commodores of Ed White HS in Jacksonville, Florida haven't had the season they expected to have this year. "We did alright," Thomas explained. "We had our ups and downs. For the season we went 5-4, but pretty much everyone played as a team, it just didn't go down our way."

The 6-5, 265 pound behemoth played well for the Commodores this year. He was nominated along with teammate Bryan Evans to be chosen for the US Army All-American team. While Evans was voted on to the team, Thomas was really close to making the prestigious unit. His stats didn't produce the numbers but his play on the field was certainly noticeable for a tight end. "I played alright. I only had one pass my way" he said, but added, "I had about 40 pancakes."

Bryan Evans and Sabree Thomas at US Army ceremony

He looks to have a chance to play at a number of positions and possesses the traits that college line coaches want. His favorite skills, according to him, are: "Blocking and being aggressive. I like blocking and just throwing people down to the ground."

He intimidates by action rather than words. Does he jaw it up out there on the field? "No not really," he said, "but some big hits I might get out of hand. If someone is talking trash to me, I will retaliate."

He has offers from, Florida, West Virginia, North Carolina, Indiana University and a whole bunch of others. He has a keen interest in a few, "I am looking at Florida, West Virginia, and Florida State. We will have to wait and see wherever it goes from there."

He isn't particular about what position he plays at the next level -- he just wants the chance. "It doesn't matter; I'd rather play tight end, but if they want me to play defensive end or defensive tackle, I am willing; as long as I get a chance to be on the field."

As for the schools he likes, he said: "At Florida I like their offense and the way they use their tight ends. At West Virginia, they have a nice little program up there, and I have seen them on TV. Florida State, I like their all around game."

He hasn't been to a college game this year and told us he doesn't have a plan to visit any before the end of the season. His only visit has been to the spring game of the Florida Gators in April of this year.

Sabree Thomas is an aggressive player that just mashes people at the line of scrimmage. He has an opportunity to be a productive star at the collegiate level on either side of the ball. He lives about one and a half hours from the Florida campus and is too much of a specimen for the incoming staff not to look at. He plays at a Gator hotbed in Ed White, with the Gators having two current Commodores on the roster. We expect him to get a hard look from the coaches.

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