Ron Zook's Post Game Quotes

Coach Ron Zook met with the press following Saturday night's 48-14 victory by the Florida Gators over South Carolina at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Here are his post-game comments.

Opening Comments

It was a game that turned out like we wanted it to turn out. I am happy for the seniors and the football team. I am proud at the way they keep fighting. And improving and we are improving. Obviously, we have to get the penalty situation corrected. We have a big challenge coming up next week. We will enjoy the game but it is very important that we get ready for a big game next week.

Will you coach the bowl game?

I'm thinking about 1 game at a time, one day at a time right now.

Talk about Chris Leak's play…

I thought he was off a little bit today. He had some balls where he didn't know where to throw. He's a good player. I mean what can you say about the guy? He had six touchdown passes and they had only given up seven or eight all year.

Rationale for leaving Chris Leak in with the score 41-7

Around here it isn't over till it's over. He is only a sophomore so it isn't like he is a senior. We talked about a series before that we were going to go with Gavin (Dickey), but I said lets go one more series. I didn't know we had to have a rationale for it.

Talk about the play of Kyle Jackson

He is going to be a guy that will get better and better. He is a young guy that has a knack for coming up with the football. As you can see in the last three games he has really improved. He is going to get a lot of interceptions around here.

On the defensive line

They are getting better. In the first drive where they went and scored, the deep ball and penalties kept the drive going. The defensive line in many games, has played better than people give them credit for.

On Brandon Siler…

The one thing about Brandon is he is very intelligent. He also works very hard during the week. I'll give credit to Channing Crowder for teaching him how to prepare for a game. He is going to be a heck of a linebacker.

On running out of the tunnel for the last time… I didn't try and think about those things. I wanted to think about the game and the things I have to think about before the game.

On Travis Harris and Crowder sitting out…

I think Travis could have gone. I talked to Channing, and said I didn't want to chance it. He tried and did everything he could do.

After so many close victories, how much did this team need this big win emotionally…

We are a young football team that is getting better. There are 65 guys that are coming back with two years or more of experience. This is what is going to happen. These guys are going to be good. An NFL coach told me last week that the last thing that comes is consistency. This team is becoming more consistent and better. They are going to continue to improve. If you look around the country and the teams at the top, look at their roster and see what year they are in. It isn't all of a sudden because it is our last game in "The Swamp." That is a good football team. We are a play here and there from being undefeated.

On the play of the defense…

The defense played extremely well. I told them at halftime there were three or four plays, penalties and a long ball(that they gave up), they (USC)do a good job of that. They almost came back in the Ole Miss game. They do a good job of throwing the ball deep. I said earlier in the week that he throws the deep ball well.

On Tate Casey…

We are using him more and more. He has six catches and four are touchdowns. Here is another guy that is young and every snap he takes he is going to get better and better.

Can this team compete for a National Title soon?

Absolutely, that is what we told them when we recruited them.

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