Swindle in the Swamp - Never, ever forget!

It's amazing how some things have a domino effect. One bad thing leads to another and before you know it, everything has been permanently altered. <p> Consider Ron Zook. Had Jack Childress and his incompetent crew of Atlantic Coast Conference officials made a few decent calls instead of blowing one critical call after another, Zook would not be looking at coaching his final regular season game tonight against FSU in Doak Campbell Stadium.

Childress and his group blew several key calls, enabling Florida State to take a 38-34 win over the Florida Gators. A Florida win would have given the Gators nine wins in the regular season and momentum going into this season. A win and Zook is not looking to find a job on Sunday.

Adding insult to injury is the brawl after last year's "Swindle in the Swamp." Please note the still of the video that shows FSU's Nate Hardage smashing his helmet into the head of one of Florida's strength and conditioning coaches.

(See FSU's Nate Hardage #46 with his helmet raised high in air (top circle) as he is aiming to slam it violently onto one of UF's personnel (bottom circle) that was trying to break up fight. See video below...)

It's the kind of thuggery we've come to expect from the Seminoles.

We've provided the video of the bad calls and of Hardage's helmet smash. Watch and remember.

Never forget. Never, ever forget.

Yes, it was only a football game, but because of this football game, the lives of several Florida coaches were altered forever, not to mention a Florida strength coach could have had life threatening injuries. So don't ever forget!

Here's the video...

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