GAMEDAY: Virtual playbook on FSU's schemes

See our virtual playbook of FSU's offense and defense where we break down the running game, passing game, and their defense. It's a great way to get visual insight into how they do things and what to expect this evening.

Florida State Offense

The Passing Game

Florida State is mainly a pro-set formation offense. They run two backs, a tight end, and a two wide receivers a lot. If they substitute, it will usually be another wide receiver for the tight end.]

The Noles like to max protect. This does two things. It gives the quarterback more time because he will have seven to eight guys protecting him. It also makes it easier for the quarterback because he has fewer receivers to look for and make the read. Because it buys more time, it allows the receivers longer time to get open.

The Running Game

The Noles are not very tricky up front. For the Gators, it is good that they start with a pretty immobile quarterback. They run a simple ISO play shown above. They isolate the fullback (and lead blocker) on the middle linebacker and let the tailback read off of that block after crossing the line of scrimmage.

The toss is one of their base plays. The key in this particular formation is the offensive left tackle getting a block on the defensive end and then allow the left guard to continue that block while the left tackle moves up field to take on the second level defenders. In this case the second level defender is the middle linebacker. I am not sure how much toss the Gators will see, only because of team speed is negated on outside runs by the Gators team speed.

Florida State Defense

The Noles play a Cover 1, which is a man defense , but they don't press alot. I am trying to convince myself that this is what they need to do, but not sure that they will anyway. Tate Casey should be a great mismatch with his size and speed on the linebacker. This could be the deal buster for the Noles switching away from Man coverage.

The Noles will also gove the same look as the Cover 1 and run a three deep and three under zone or Cover 3. They will usually try and supply a little extra heat from one linebacker. The red areas are the softer spots in the zone to complete passes.

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