Gator Country Mailbag: Everyone's a critic!

Ten thousand comedians are out of work and everyone's a critic! This week's excerpts from the mail bag:

I just wanted to say to the editor and/or to the boss of Franz Beard, that he wrote an excellent column. Congrats Mr. Beard on such a well written article titled, "USC Spurrier a traitor? You're kidding me."This should be published in more than just this one website!

A loyal Gator fan (and Spurrier supporter except when/if he coaches against UF), Giancarlo

Giancarlo: When the Gators play South Carolina, I hope we get a chance to run up the score on Stevie Wonder. However, I do relish the thought that Phattus Maximus (Phil) just bought a year's supply of Zantac and that Mark Richt is wondering what he did wrong to deserve SOS getting into his head again.

Regarding Franz Beard's latest article about SOS. Tell Franz if he counts the 1999 year as an SEC Championship he is reaching a bit. Alabama was found to have illegally recruited ONE, count 'em one player after a three year cavity search. That player was Fat Albert Means and he didn't play until 2000. Both probations added up to ONE player being illegally recruited. The first was a Senior who put his signature on a napkin for an agent. The second was Means gate. And to this day they never found one dime of money anyone received. So counting a 34-7 loss to Alabama in 1999 is crazy, since the alleged recruiting violation didn't occur until the next year. That is all. RTR! Morgan

Morgan: One violation? You mean the NCAA report had it wrong? Or, did they get it right after Travis Carroll and others sang like canaries? I'd have to say they got it right, otherwise why fire Dumbose? No Morgan, the Tide was dirty and deserves to be stripped of the title by the SEC if the SEC intends to stand by stripping Florida in 1990.

To Franz Beard: In regards to your article on USC-Spurrier a traitor? Spurrier is a traitor to UF because when he left in 2002, we had an opportunity to be a special team with a National title shot, but he selfishly left without a successor or long enough warning to let the Athletic Department know to make a proper search for an available coach.

If either of us left out job with work still pending and no plan to transition responsibility to someone else to cover and clean up the mess we left them, I wouldn't expect our ex-coworkers or employers to be happy about it or trust me anymore. I'm frankly surprised that the alumni want him back; after he bolted on Washington, I wouldn't trust his loyalty for anything right now.

I hope Spurrier enjoys Columbia, it will suit him, he is truly a 'Cock. Sawgrass67

Sawgrass: Traitor? Oh come on now. He left after the 2001 season, that's for sure, but he had his reasons and I believe they were good ones. After 12 years of giving UF the best football we've ever had by a huge margin, I don't think he owed us anything and had the right to go out on his own terms, even if we didn't like it. He will enjoy Columbia, and I believe he will help us by being there. Another team with a chance to knock off the Poodles and Dollies suits me just fine and I think Stevie Wonder is already causing nightmares in Dollywood and Athens.

To Franz Beard: Your wrong. It DOES matter that Spurrier is going to SC. I have been a Gator just as long as you. My 75 year old mother still has a Gator t-shirt I wore as an infant in the '50's. When I was a kid playing football in my front yard I WAS Steve Spurrier. So don't tell me its OK for Spurrier to go to SC, because its not. They are a SEC East Division RIVAL and he is NOT just anybody, not JUST a fomer Gator coach. If Doug Dickey or Galen Hall want to coach at SC, fine! But not Spurrier. He is not merely A Gator, he is THE Gator. And THE Gator doesn't go and coach another school that contends for the same championship. Mark my words, there will be something very WRONG when every other year Spurrier will be booed as he jogs on on to Florida Field leading the Gamecocks. It will be wrong because his coaching the Gamecocks IS wrong. And you're wrong. Buddy Parrish

Buddy: Yes, the Gamecocks will contend for the same championship, but if the Gators take care of business as they should, Stevie Wonder will be playing for second place. I do like the idea that he'll cause Phat Phil to apply a few extra layers of Preparation H every day.

Would someone please thank your columnist Franz Beard for pointing out how childish many Gator fans have been acting over the Spurrier situation. I attempted to find his email on your site to thank him personally however I was unable to locate such a link.

Go Gators! ChDavis

(Edited for numerous spelling errors) Report facts!! Quit trying to distract our team and sabotage Utah's season. Just because your football team has sunk to new lows does not mean your reporting must also. Follow the example of your AD and discuss currently employed coaches after the regular season. Overall, you have done a poor job of minding your journalistic responsibilities and should just keep your so-called sources to yourselves. If you can't name your sources keep their so-called stories to yourself. You are not Woodward or Bernstein therefore your source could not be Deep Throat. Name all your sources or quit trying to pass yourself off as a reporter of facts. thebcsblows

Blows: My source is not Deep Throat but I am told by one of our sources that he has a bootleg copy of "Deep Throat." Our sources are good and we'll stick by them, even the ones in Utah. Please show me the rule that Woodward and Bernstein aren't the only ones allowed to use un-named sources.

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