Spencer Adkins: Down on the Gators

When Coach Zook was fired seven weeks ago confusion was abound with the Gator football program. Who is coming in next? What assistants will stay? Will there be transfers? What does this mean? Questions everywhere. Recruiting, while very important took a slight backseat to the search. No use in talking about recruiting when there isn't a coach to recruit right?

Well, the termination of coach Zook has definitely taken it toll on recruiting and Spencer Adkins may be one of those casualties. When Zook was still the head coach, the Gators actually lead for Adkins. Now that Zook is gone, where do the Gators stand?

Not very well, is the unfortunate but true answer. Out of the top five schools that Adkins lists, Florida is pulling up the rear. Zook's dismissal had a big impact on him and the uncertainly behind the status of Coaches Wickline and Miller has likely played a big part in his mindset as well. Does that mean that Florida is out of the running for Adkins?

Coach Wickline hopes not. He stopped by to visit with Adkins recently. "We talked about the coaches evaluation of me, and he still wants me to come in there and take a visit," Adkins said. When asked if a visit would be in the offing Adkins said, "I think so. In January."

Moving on from there, I brought up Coach Meyer and his being named the new coach of the Gators. I asked Spencer if he knew anything about Coach Meyer. "No, not really." I told him that Coach Meyer was named National Coach of the Year this year, but Spencer seemed to be growing tired of our short conversation.

Adkins top 5 teams are Auburn, Miami, Georgia, Florida State, and Florida. He made no indication to me about an order except that Florida was last. Standing at 6-1 and weighing in at 230lbs, Adkins skills at the linebacking position are sorely needed by the Gators for next season. With little depth and the possibility that Channing Crowder could declare for the NFL draft, it's a position that cannot be missed on in this recruiting class. His ability to disrupt the backfield and generally wreak havoc on the defensive side of the ball makes him one of the most sought after linemen this recruiting season. His array of top-notch offers is easy proof of that.

If UF misses out on Adkins, they could be in for a difficult time next year. He is the type of impact player that is necessary to have the type of successful year the Gators believe they can have. If coaches Wickline and Miller stay with the Gators (or even just one) there is a distinct chance that Coach Meyer can close the gap when Adkins takes his visit to Florida in January.

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