Players speak out on new coach Urban Meyer

Chris Leak on Urban Meyer -- "This is the nature of the business, getting a new coach. Coach Ron Zook moved on and that's what we all have to do. We have to get ready. We have the bowl game soon and we want to win."

(Chris Leak, continued)

"Coach Meyer and I actually have a little background. He recruited my brother and we were there a lot to help him make the decision. So I got to spend a lot of time with him. He's a great coach and all of us are very excited to get the season moving."

On Coach Meyer's style of offense: "For every offense, you have to adapt to it, new head coach or not. If we get in there and get the terminology down and just go with it, we will do great. We can't think about anything right now but winning."

"I am ready and very anxious to get the offense started. Everything will come down to focus."

Florida Center Mike Degory

On the initial meeting with Coach Meyer: "He was inspiring. He has a lot of fire and it's great inspiration. He is labeled as a disciplinarian and that's good. If you look at his track record, it's great. He's all about winning and he has a record of winning. It's very easy to give respect to that."

On Coach Meyer's coaching experience: "Well it's definitely a new label. You could definitely see watching his team and see what kind of coach he is. He's got a couple more "W's" in his win column. A guy that's accomplished this much you have to have a lot of respect for him."

On the players' impression of Coach Meyer: "I think he's a young guy whom a lot of the players can relate to. He's definitely got a lot of fire. That's good and I think a lot of guys will buy into his beliefs."

On how the coaching change influenced his future plans: "My mind has already been made up. I'm planning on helping Coach Meyer and him helping me having a special senior year. I definitely want to get a couple of rings on my finger. I definitely want to play in Atlanta for the SEC Championship."

Florida Linebacker Brandon Siler

On team's acceptance of Urban Meyer: "He talked about the group of guys that wouldn't accept it … I don't think we have those kind of guys here. He's our coach. There's no need for ‘what would've', or ‘what should've'. Now it's happened and you deal with that. You believe in him. He's our coach."

On Urban Meyer's confidence and demeanor: "I like that in a coach. He's real confident and seems to believe in his system. He feels that if we believe and we believe in him, then we'll be successful. That helps you out when you have somebody confident who's in front of you, it makes you feel comfortable and confident yourself."

On the FSU rivalry: "I don't think that there was any spice missing from the rivalry. I was out there and I heard the crowd and everyone was pumped up for it. I don't think there's anything missing from the rivalry. Some say he's going to add to it, I don't know if it's missing but if you're going to add something to it, then let's keep going."

Florida Tight End Tate Casey

On the team meeting Coach Meyer for the first time: "I think everyone was pretty nervous for the most part. We didn't know if he was going to lock the doors to the press room or not, but we got through it. I think it was a good way to kind of get our feet wet and to know what kind of guy he is and it helped us kind of sit back and relax a little bit. It was definitely a good meeting."

On Coach Meyer's style of offense: "I think with the players we have, I definitely think that everybody can make a contribution. I think in all three phases – defense, offense, special teams – we'll be okay. The offense is only as good as the players who execute it. Obviously, they do a great job of coaching. We'll just have to see what happens and work through it to get it."

On respecting the new coach: "If he's a disciplinary coach then you have to respect him, because if you don't then there's going to be punishment. I think that if it takes discipline to get the team to where we want it to go, then let it be discipline. If it takes character or something else, let it be character. I think all of us have one goal and to enforce that team goal we have to change our ways to come together as a team and do something right. The situation we're dealt with now is something we're looking forward to and coming back next year and doing better. We still have one more game left and we're going to finish the way we want to and try and play out against Miami."

On the hiring of Urban Meyer: "I think there were some mixed emotions before we got a chance to introduce ourselves to him and he introduced himself to us, and before anybody met him. Now, I can see a couple of guys saying, ‘Oh it's not what I thought.' He's a pretty good guy who lays it out there and tells you what he thinks. After talking to him and him talking to us, I think it calmed a lot of guys' nerves and anybody who had any questions had them answered. I think now it should soothe out a little bit."

On having the majority of the team coming back: "We have talent coming back. Hopefully we have talent coming in that didn't get hurt too bad from this whole situation. I think it's in our favor to work hard and to get together as a team to take belief in the new system that's coming in. I think that's one thing that's real important, to buy into what's going on."

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