Bobby Williams remembers Meyer well

Bobby Williams is on a permanent injury scholarship at the University of Florida, the result of a back and neck injury suffered in practice three years ago. Williams was a part of the heralded 2000 Gator's signing class and shares something common with recent events. He was recruited by and committed to Coach Urban Meyer at Notre Dame in the same recruiting season

Williams shared his thoughts on what Coach Meyer meant to him as a recruit and a potential player at Notre Dame.

"He was like a father," said Williams, who attended Tuesday's press conference that welcomed Coach Meyer to the Gator family. "I was an only child and he knew my family very well. He and Bob Davie came to my house and told my family that he would take care of me. He was like a parent to the players up there. He was always there whenever they needed him, on the field, off the field, any time."

According to Williams, Coach Meyer was a great recruiter. He was relentless and showed a tremendous work ethic.

"He was always calling me," said Williams, "every day, more than anybody else during that time frame. I actually committed on my official visit. He was like a father; he was going to be my parent away from home."

Williams poured on the accolades with Meyer and thinks he knows just what the new brand of recruits are going to see in the new Gator Head Coach.

"He is going to show him that he is there for them," he said. "He will call them a lot. He will show that he wants the best players in Gainesville to win national championships. He is a coach that is going to worry about the players and make sure they are going to be successful in life."

In the end it was only the proximity to home that kept Williams from being a Golden Domer.

"I was the only child and my parents were here and Notre Dame was a long way away," he said. "The main reason I came to Florida was to be closer to my parents."

The consummate professional and parent, Coach Meyer wasn't going to allow Williams to feel guilty about his final decision. Williams said it was certainly easier to let him know once Meyer really knew Williams didn't want to wander far from home.

"He was upset because I committed," Williams said, "but he said go where you heart takes you, strive for your goals and do what you have to do to be successful. Be a good person. Good luck and maybe one day we will meet up. And hey, that one day is here and we are meeting here at the University of Florida. I am glad that he came here, he is going to make the University of Florida a better place, and we are going to win championships."

Bobby William was won over by Coach Urban Meyer some four years ago. This week Coach Meyer has won over hundreds of thousands of Gator fans. In the next month, he will win over twenty five to thirty solid recruits.

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