Morley-led Killian Wins 6A Championship

The quiver which inescapably ran from Demetrius Morley's lips to his chin spoke volumes. It was in response to a question about his commitment to Tennessee being a done deal. My follow-up question, will you be listening to other schools afforded Morley the opportunity to say what he really meant. It's not over 'til the clock runs out.

Morley and his Cougar teammates ran out the clock on Orlando Edgewater with a 28-7 blistering of the Eagles to capture their first FHSAA State Championship in Gainesville Saturday night.

The Killian defense put the final touches on a fourth consecutive memorable performance. The Cougars held four consecutive playoff opponents to seven points or less while creating turnovers to assist their offense. Saturday, Killian forced three fumbles and intercepted a pass. Edgewater's lone touchdown came on its opening possession, an 11-play, 84-yard drive that consumed 5:18 of the first quarter. After that, it was lights out for the Eagles as the Killian defense smothered every Edgewater possession.

Offensively, the Cougars scored on their first three possessions and never looked back. All three possessions finished with runs from the one yard line. Fullback Larry Scott ripped through the Eagles defense as he rushed for 216 yards on just 16 carries. Halfback Dwight Lee ran for 43 yards on 16 carries. Killian combined for 325 rushing yards.

Morley had a solid performance and displayed his athleticism by going up and getting after the ball on several occasions. Congratulations to the players and staff at Killian.


Defensive back Demetrius Morley, Killian, (6-1, 185, Sr.): Five tackles and one fumble recovery

You got the medal…"I feel like a champion. That's the best way I can describe it the way I feel. All the work you do in April. Working hard during two-a-days. This is payday. This is our paycheck. I don't believe in all that hoopla. We are a team. When you play as a team, that's the way. There is no I in team."

What was different this year than last? "Team. Last year we had some as individuals. But, this year we got everybody as a team. T-E-A-M. Team. That's what we worked on was out teamwork. If it wasn't for the defensive line, than the linebackers couldn't make plays and if it ain't for the offensive blocks the backs can't do anything. Everybody played as a unit"

There was an interception in the corner of the end zone where you nearly wiped us out. It looked an awful lot like you got that ball? "Oh, I had it. I had it. I had one foot in. I had like three interceptions called back today, but that's okay, as long as we won. We came out with the victory and I'm happy. We are the first team from our school to ever go to the playoffs, so my name is on the board. "

Do you look at the Carol City game as your championship? "Yeah, yeah. After they beat us last year, we wanted to get revenge. I think that Carol City is the team that we wanted to beat very good"

Do you show this medal to Willie Williams and say, look, at this, I got one of these too? "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I tell him, hey, I got one too just like you got one"

Recruiting? "uh, uh, uh, I committed to Tennessee. So, right now, I'm committed to Tennessee right now"

You said, right now…" No, I said, I'm meant that I'm committed to Tennessee"

So, it's a done deal? "Yeah, it's a done deal. Done, uh"

Uh, uh, uh? (smiles)

Will you be listening to other schools? "Yeah, I'll be listening to see what they have to offer and put on the table and everything like that"

Defensive back Tyller Roberts, Edgewater (6-1, 190. Sr.): Three tackles, including one tackle for loss; one pass broken up

On losing to Killian…"We have to accept the loss and come back next year. We just didn't execute. That's point blank. There are no excuses."

Recruiting? "Florida, North Carolina State, Georgia Tech, UCF, and Cincinnati. Those are my top schools. I have a visit at North Carolina State on November 14. I'm waiting to set up for Florida, Georgia, Illinois."

What about Florida? "Great atmosphere. You can't beat the crowds. It's here at home. I mean, it's a great organization. A great team and a new staff."

Have you spoken with Coach Meyer? "Yes sir. I think they'll be good next year. He's a great coach. He did an outstanding job at Utah, you know. He told me to work hard. Work hard, thats it. Point blank. Work hard and hopefully we'll get you out here in Gainesville. If things don't go that way, then I've got other offers and I'll take them up, but I'm looking forward to staying home. They want me as a defensive back, safety."

Linebacker Lorenzo Edwards, Edgewater (6-2, 210, So.): Eight tackles (Second highest on team)

I watched you several times stay home and at other times go after the ballcarrier and make some solid tackles? "Yeah, the whole thing is paying attention to your keys. If you do that everything will come right to you actually"

As a young guy, what will you do to improve? "I have to work to improve. I know that if I work hard and we work hard we'll have a chance to come back and win it. I was invited to the U.S. Army All-American combine and Florida State would like me to go to their camp"

Offensive tackle Quinton Brown, Edgewater (6-6, 255, Sr.): Good footwork; frame to add additional mass; pretty long arms

Are Coach Locksley and Florida calling you? "I haven't received a call from any of the Florida coaches since I talked to Coach Locksley. I don't know what's going on over there. I mean it's not hurting me. But, it would be nice if they called me, because they are one of my top five choices"

Who else is interested in you? "Well, right now I have NC State and Florida State. As far as visits, I have FSU on the seventh and N.C. State the following weekend. Matt (Hardrick) and me are going to FSU together, and I believe the following weekend Tyller and I may take a visit together. Coach Chuck Amato came to my house. He's a real cool guy. He's not the type of coach who's going to sugarcoat it. He's real straightforward and that's the way I like it. I'm just looking forward to making my decision. I'm ready to play ball already"

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