RECRUITING: Update on King, Portis, and Others

We have recruiting updates and tidbits on Brandon King, Josh Portis, Kalvin Baker, and what the expectations are over the next ten days as far as other prospects, including Haupt and Nelson...

BRANDON KING: I spoke briefly with Brandon King and he is very secure in his commitment to the Purdue Boilermakers. He said he was impressed with his visit (obviously since he committed to them) and that he felt comfortable with all of the players. He also said that he has not heard from Florida in some time. The last time was from Coach Dan Disch to tell him he was leaving for Illinois. When asked about other visits he said it was possible that he may visit Georgia, but didn't seem too sure. He did seem a little perturbed at Florida for not contacting him, but I do believe that we can get back in the race for him.

This commitment plus Brandon Harrison's commitment to Michigan today thins out the cornerback board a fair amount. Some new names will more than likely arise now that the new staff is here, but we will have to wait and see who they are. Currently, the names most familiar are Bryan Evans, Walter McFadden, and possibly Gary Albury. I also expect Coach Meyer to make a serious run at Dee Morley and Justin King as well.

JOSH PORTIS: There is not a lot of new news about Portis. The powers that be around him have the lid clamped down very tight and will not allow the media access to him. He and his family are concentrating on his graduation at the moment. What I did find out for sure is that he is visiting Florida this weekend and will make a decision roughly a week after that visit. The Gators look to be in a terrific position to land this four-star quarterback prospect.

KALVIN BAKER: Kalvin Baker received a call from Coach Meyer last week. While it was brief he was very excited to hear from the new coach. "I talked to him last Sunday," he said. "They are coming to visit me in January." Kalvin is also awaiting a call also to set up his official visit to UF, which will happen in January, also. Baker said his parents were impressed that Coach Meyer called and continued by saying, "I got pretty excited about it [the call from Meyer]. They wanted to know if I still wanted to be a Gator." I asked if he did, and Baker replied, "Yes sir." I also asked if there was anything that might change his mind about being a Gator and he said he didn't think there was. His commitment to the Gators seems very secure at this point.


Eddie Haupt, a four-star offensive lineman from Merritt Island, is making his commitment public on Wednesday night on Countdown to Signing Day with Jamie Newberg. Haupt's decision was outed recently, so look for him to commit to the Gators.

Coach Meyer is also expected to visit with the family of Derrick Williams on Wednesday night as well. It is unclear if Derrick will be present due to his official visit to Texas. With Coach Locksley staying on-board at UF, many feel that Derrick's choices are down to UF and Oklahoma. Williams makes his decision known on Wednesday December 22 at 3:30pm on ESPNews.

JUCO sensation Reggie Nelson will be visiting Florida this weekend also. Wednesday is the first day he can officially sign with any program. Many have been severely worried about Nelson and his overtures to the SOW (school out west), but it is overblown. Look for Nelson to sign with the Gators this weekend.

With the commitment of Ronnie Wilson, and expected commitments of Eddie Haupt and Reggie Nelson, the Gators are capping off the year well. All three of these players are mid-term enrollees for the Gators, which means they can participate in spring practice. The possible additions of Derrick Williams and Josh Portis, also mid-term entrants, would cause jubilant celebrations throughout the Gator Nation, and massive consternation for all of their rivals.

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