A Gator Woman's Point of View on Urban Meyer

Just a few weeks ago the Gator Nation was one of division of ideals about who should be the next football coach at the University of Florida. There were the Spurrier, Stoops, Zook, Davis, Tedford, Petrino, and Meyer camps. The division among the Gator faithful was vast and strong and each camp stood firm, but one candidate brought the Gator Nation together and made it one again.

That man was Urban Meyer. Meyer has something all Gators can get excited about and will bring back the swagger we had under Spurrier.

Meyer exudes every confidence and qualification that Gator fans look for in a coach. He will come into the Gator program and win with talent that has underachieved for the last three years. That's not to say that the current staff didn't do a fabulous job, but inconsistency is what did them in. Meyer will bring in a strict regimen that offers discipline to the players and gets them into a routine and a program like Florida needs consistent success regimen.

Many Gators that I have talked to that feel Ron Zook got an unfair shake of things from the UF administration are excited about Meyer and what he will bring to the table. With the tremendous recruits Zook brought in Meyer should win early and often. Then you have to look for to those Gators that wanted Spurrier or nothing; they wanted that confidence and success he brought to Florida back and in their eyes he was the only one that could do it. The fear and loathing that he instilled in rivals had been missing for the last three years and they wanted more memorable quotes from the Visored one. Meyer answered that doubt at his press conference when he referred to Florida State as "that school out west or wherever they are." That comment pleased the Visor camp to no end and our rivals cringe. The Stoops camp was that of wishful thinking and a saving grace hire after the Spurrier bobble, but Stoops did help bring Meyer to Florida. The other camps stood behind qualified candidates, but there were only three gettable prospects out there in Spurrier, Stoops, and Meyer.

The thing about Meyer is he is a little bit of Spurrier/Stoops, but is his own success story at the same time. A Gator fan cannot ask for more than that is a hire. He is young and energetic with a strong sense of family and it sure was good that we beat his dream job, Notre Dame, to land him. He knows he can win here and we know he will do it. A confident coach that accepts nothing less than the best will unite any fan base, one even as demanding as the Gator Nation. The noise in the system is fading with each passing of the day. One day it's a great assistant coach hire, the next day he's charming recruits and all this while preparing to lead his Utah Utes for the final time in the Fiesta Bowl vs. Pitt.

On January 2 he is a full-time Gator and he won't look back. He is here to stay because he will win and he won't dash to the NFL and break our hearts. He loves the college tradition and loathes the self-promotion of NFL players today. I think Gators everywhere will enjoy the next twenty years or more of the Urban Meyer era. A man that brought the Gator faithful together again and made us all believers, I do believe in miracles, Al Michaels. Thank You, Urban Meyer!

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