A New Year's Resolution for all Gators

The New Year is often the time of year when we all make our personal resolutions to be a better person or lose some extra pounds, but this year I ask the entire Gator Nation to make a united resolution to support our new coach even if he doesn't make it to the SEC Championship game in Atlanta.

After the great divide that the Ron Zook era caused amongst Gator faithful I decided to make a plea to all Gators; be patient with Coach Meyer. I know we all expect a 10-win or better season, but you have to keep in mind that most of the coaching staff coming in will be new along with the offensive and defensive strategies. This new Gator family may well have jelled by the first game, but we must be patient, Grasshopper. There may be growing pains along the way in this new journey, so have faith in Coach Meyer because he will deliver us back to the Promised Land.

The Gator Nation has been down this road before and we came out of it with seven SEC Titles (Yes, I count that 1990 team) and one National Championship. It took seven years, but the Gators delivered that impossible dream of being national champs. I don't think it will take Meyer that long with the talent he has inherited and the talent is going to bring in. The Gators have enough talent to win the SEC, but if we win nine games I will be happy.

I know many of us have enough resolutions to start the year but this is a resolution that will be worth it. These young men have been through so much adversity that a tolerant, understanding Gator Nation will help build their success. This is a team in transition from one coach to another, and there will be plenty enough pressure on this team from the outside without a divided fan base.

Our Gators have spent three years dealing with the "noise in the system" and they have held up well, all things considered. Now is the time they need a united Gator Nation more than ever. There is not another fan base in the country that is a vocal as we Gators and this is the time we need to be 100 per cent vocal on behalf of our team. It we can put aside our distractions and put our hearts fully behind our team, I believe we can help our Gators surpass even the most optimistic of wishes.

I know many of you do not even need to be asked but there are those among us that need to be reminded that these are just kids, some of them just a few months removed from high school. They've got the demands of school and football weighing on them so we need to keep our own demands somewhat reasonable. We want them to win, but we can't allow our passion to win to divide us, the Gator Nation, while pressuring them. I know that they will play hard for us. Let's just sit back and appreciate what they do.

Let's back our team through thick and thin, just as we did back in 1979 and that dreadful 0-10-1 year. Even when we were as down as any Gator team in modern history, the Gator Nation was 100 per cent in support of the team. There was never any doubt that we were truly behind our team. We sold out every game that year.

I believe that the healing of the Gator Nation has begun since the hiring of Coach Urban Meyer. We've been divided way too long. Now it's time to unite again. We have a chance to be very good next year and in the years to come. Let's stay focused in our support of our team and Coach Meyer.

So let our resolution for 2005 be one of patience as we trust Coach Meyer to do all the things we know he is going to do to bring back the swagger!

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