Vlad. Richard says Florida All-Star team intense

The Cali-Florida High School All-Star Football Game will be played Sunday January 2 at the Orange Bowl in Miami, featuring some of the best high school players in the country, Wednesday, Gator Country caught up with University of Florida commitment, Vlad Richard, defensive end from Sunrise Piper with the explosive first step.

If the Florida team is to pull off a victory in this all-star game, then Vladimir Richard is going to need to come up big. The 6-4, 255-pounder filled Gator Country in on what's going on during all-star week.

"We are at "Game Works" and just got playing a dinosaur game where we had to shoot them and go and save the people," Richard said Wednesday night, evidently enjoying himself. "Yeah it's a good time."

Richard indicated that the level of intensity is far greater than what most people expect for an all-star football game. Because it's Florida and California, two states with great football traditions at the high school level, obviously there is a lot of pride at stake.

"We are smashing man," he said. "That defensive line is crazy. I don't see how the California team is going to be able to run on us. The linebackers are clicking, our safeties are smashing. Our offense is starting to click and get everything right. We are having fun and are a team, but we have something to prove that we play football down here. We want to win this game."

Richard is playing the left side of a defensive line that includes Plantation's Jeff Owens, Lakeland's Kendrick Stewart and Miami Carol City's Ricky-Jean Francois.

He said the Florida offensive linemen are good and "the toughest offensive lineman so far was AJ Trump, he was pretty nice (meaning good)."

His first day stars for offense and defense were well known names.

"Antone Smith (Pahokee HS) all the way," said Richard, "but I had to bust him three times today. I told him this aint no 2-A football, baby, this is 6-A. Smith was running, even though we were sticking him, he has nifty moves. If we don't wrap him up he will get away. On defense right now Jeff Owens stood out the first day."

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