PEACH: Gators vs. Canes Virtual Playbook

Take a look at our visual playbook breaking down the Miami Hurricanes vs. Florida Gators game today in full, graphic detail!

Miami Offense

The Passing Game

Miami is mainly a pro-set formation offense. They will usually utilize 2 running backs, a tight end, and two wide receivers as their eligible receivers.

If they are not running out of the Pro-I as shown above, then they are almost exclusively play action or bootleg passing the ball. They will run various route combintions. Here we see two curved crossing routes and a Go to the right side.

Of course Brock Berlin looks much better running the offense from the shotgun when the Canes have to throw the ball. They love to use the wide receiver bunch formation shown above. They also love crossing two of the receivers against each other when the other team is playing man defense. They can usually pick a defender and have a crossing route or a flat route wide open because of it.

The Running Game

The Lead Stretch is one of the favorite runs of the Hurricanes. On both sides of the ball they try and line up and just beat the man across from them. The Lead Stretch is simply a zone blocking play where the linemen all flow in one direction and the back follows the flow of the linemen. The stretch signifies a more outside course to the run and the back will normally try and get to the edge and run around the linebackers to the outside. The lead part of the play is of course the fullback acting as the lead blocker.

The Power-O is another play where the Canes will just try to line up and out man you across the front and with their speed and ability in the backfield. The back has one key read on this play and it is the middle linebacker. Shown above, the middle linebacker could make one of two moves and that would determine where the back cuts. If the MLB cuts to the Guard / Tackle gap, then the back should cut inside between the Guard and Center, or vice versa.

The Miami Defense

The Canes would love to stay in a 2-Man coverage. Over the last decade or so, they have dominated by lining their defensive ends real wide and getting after people from the edge. What teams have learned to do is run up the middle. As the Miami talent has declined due to graduation and injury, running up the middle has become easier. Look for the Gators to line up in something like this and then empty the backfield causiing the middle linebacker to move away from the middle. Then Leak could run with simply five linemen blocking four defensive linemen.

As stated above, if the Canes can stay in their 2-Man coverage, they do that. If not, their second favorite coverage is Cover-1 Here we see it against a slightly different alignment, with three receivers to one side and opposite the tight end in the formation. The Gators used this frequently against Miami last year and was the formation used when DeShawn Wynn scored his 65 yard touchdown. Here the open area of the field is the area to the left because the safety has to cheat over with all the receivers to the right. Normally the open area would be split with the safety playing the middle of the field and the open area on both sides of the safety and away from the middle of the field.

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