RECRUITING: Meyer impresses Evans and Co.

Bryan Evans of Jacksonville's Ed white HS was just a little caught off guard Friday night when Florida gator Head Coach Urban Meyer followed through with a promise to meet him on his job site and visit with him on the night of the first big official visit weekend for the Gators. The US Army All -American cornerback had some good things to say about the meeting.

Apparently Evans wasn't convinced of the scenario told to him by the Florida Head coach, "He said he was going to come to my job, but I didn't believe him until he popped up," he said. It played out like this: "I went in at 5:15, he got there at 6. They let me off early." The visit didn't go unnoticed by the local friends and co-workers, "It was swamped out there and he couldn't walk very far (because of all the people)."

Evans wasn't the only one just a tad skeptical at the head coach's arrival at the job place. "My manager at the job said he didn't believe it when he was at the front desk," he said. "He went up there and saw for himself and was stunned, because he graduated from Florida."

Meyer eventually headed back to the Evans residence so he could talk to Bryan and his parents about the situation at Florida and his intended role there if he became a Gator. "It was good," Evans said. "He was real nice and easy to talk to. He was telling me about their needs (at corner). They need corners that can play man instead of bump and run because they are going to play more man this year."

Evans gave us a little nugget of information about what Meyer is asking of all the recruits: "He had a list of everything he was looking for in his recruits this year. He said they had to be athletic and well coached. He showed me the depth chart of who is there now. They have five corners on scholarship right now. I think they play Wyoming the first game and they run the spread, if they were to go to a five wide set, he would put a corner out there for every wide out. They only have five corners on scholarship and that is a big need."

Evans' mom was feeling ill and didn't sit in on the meeting with Coach Meyer. Mr. Evans was there and according to Bryan, he was at least somewhat impressed. "My dad thought that he was real energetic and interesting," said Bryan. "He thought he looked real interested in me. The fact that he came to my job, that really stood out."

What about the fact that he came on the Friday of the first real visit weekend? "That was something else he showed me."

Two weeks ago Evans had little to no interest in Florida. Last week we put the call in and heard that he may be coming around to a school that most thought he was favored to land at. Still, he hadn't set a visit date and was a little muddled about that actually happening. He cleared it up a little more this time. "My dates are full but since it is so close I think we will do one mid-week." We assumed he was still going to take the visit to Florida State on January 28th where his cousin Tony Carter plays for the Noles. To the contrary, Evans said "I am not even sure I will get to Florida State. I was going to go up to Illinois."

It was a surprising Friday night at work for Bryan Evans. His schedule is packed as he prepares to pack for the US Army All American Game this weekend and a week of practice and the game in San Antonio, Texas. Brian told us that he will have some 34 family and friends in attendance at the game. Look for more of our interview tomorrow as we discuss his preparation for the exciting venue. We also will be following Bryan and seven more recruits that the Gators are recruiting that are a part of the festivities in San Antonio.

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