RECRUITING: Update on Louis Murphy

Conducting an interview with Florida wide receiver commit Louis Murphy is without question the easiest assignment I've had in my many years at Gator Country. Murph correctly anticipates the questions as you rattle off the first preposition.

That should come as no surprise, as Murphy is very involved in television production classes at Lakewood High School. He told me last summer that he is contemplating a career in broadcasting. Should Murph opt for a career before or behind the camera, he'd do just fine. The well-spoken honors student would be a tremendous asset to the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications.

Quite obviously, this commitment to the University of Florida will be an asset to the football team, too. His recent all-star game performance is indicative of the kind of effort he gives.

"I played in our all-star game (Pinellas County All-Star Game) --- the North-South," he said. "It was a good time. I didn't get a lot of reps because we were in rotation. I caught two passes and returned two kicks. I returned one of them 70 yards."

We spoke right after he had helped lead the Lakewood basketball team to a 91-50 thrashing of Sarasota Booker Friday night. Murph checked in with 12 points, two rebounds, and a pair of blocked shots. The 6-3, 190-pound future Gator is playing power forward for the Spartans who have jumped out to a sparkling 9-1 record.

Louis Murphy is also getting to know the new Florida staff.

"Coach (Billy) Gonzalez stopped by yesterday," he said. "He came out to the school and then he went by my house to see my mom, dad, and sister. He talked to me about the offensive plans. He went over some of the things they'll do and how they plan on using the X and Z positions. It was great"

He'll be visiting the University of Florida campus on January 21.

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