San Antonio or Bust, Day Two

In Baton Rogue, Sunday dawned on a new day for all of us as we struggled out of bed late this morning after a rather arduous journey halfway to San Antonio the day before that was somewhat fraught with problems.

Franz, in his favorite surroundings…

Fortunately the going this time around went quite smooth and we even managed to make an obligatory stop at the local Hooters while blowing through Houston. As Franz always says, "We're just making sure these fine ladies have enough money to pay for their college tuition and lead good lives in the future, that's all. Nothing more to it." I'm more to the point; "Eye candy."

As always, the food was delicious, the ladies a sight for sore eyes, and the atmosphere very friendly. Feeling quite refreshed, we piled back into our Cadillac DeVille bat mobile, which replaced our faulty (or evil?) SUV from the night before, and sped into the… fog.

It was an odd sight for us - fog enveloped us everywhere as we made our way through parts of Louisiana and now this part of Texas, almost as if the Recruit-Nik Gods didn't want us to find our way to San Antonio, or bust!

This theory was further compounded as we finally saw the skyline of San Antonio and attempted to find our way into the concrete jungle, so to speak. Let me explain a bit - Texans have a very weird and confusing highway/interstate system where exits suddenly appear before you without any warning and sometimes without any signs to guide you along.

Franz driving and Bob hard at work coordinating recruiting coverage on the road…

Worse yet, there's a bewildering array of lanes that convolute into a dozen different directions, enough to make your head spin like that mad teacup in Disney World. I can absolutely swear that Texans, or at least their visitors, keep getting lost with such frequency that they have a very unique system of "exit turnarounds" at just about every exit which are, as Franz calls it, "A fancy Texas name for illegal u-turns," for folks like us who are hopelessly lost and have to make multiple u-turns to find our way around town.

After much head spinning, smoking brakes, and a bit of yelling, our hotel finally appeared before us like the Holy Grail of Texas. Laughing gleefully, we quickly unloaded the car and bolted into our hotel room for a bit of rest before we ventured back out into the Texas Wild for dinner.

Ah, a blessed sight for us - the city of San Antonio… Little did we know what evil awaited us, though…

Again, fate wasn't with us that day and we, again, got hopelessly lost while looking for a Mexican restaurant that was supposedly just a few minutes away. After nearly an hour of driving around, some crying, and plenty of headaches, we just gave up. We had our first "fight" amongst friends -- I, out of frustration, called Franz a "damn liar" because he claimed the restaurant was just minutes away and Franz, a great fellow with great character, took it quite badly by slamming on the brakes on the Caddy and pulling over in the middle of an interstate exit. Bob was just his usual hapless, bewildered self. Franz leapt out off the car and started walking down the exit away from us. Realizing the folly of my error, I hopped in the caddy and screeched it backwards down the exit (thank goodness the police weren't around to witness that fiasco!) and cajoled Franz back into the car.

At this point, we were just thoroughly exhausted and frustrated enough that we just randomly chose first restaurant we could see to satiate our appetites and restore our usually jolly good moods. We also used it as an opportunity to grill the waitresses to help guide us on our way back to "home" so we wouldn't somehow end up in Mexico by accident. Fortunately, our waitresses were of unusual quality (it's Murphy's Law that 99% of folks that give directions are wrong!) that they were able to give exact directions that led us back to our beloved hotel quite easily.

Our day wasn't over even at this late hour as we had to get to work and bring you yet more stories from the US Army game and interviews with the hottest prospects the Gators are after. We've also brought our video cameras and digital cameras so look for some visual material soon. Ah, the things we endure to bring you the best stories that we can, yes?

No fear, however… It's a passion of ours and just goes to show how much we love covering the Florida Gators and recruiting. We're all just one big family and I think that's why some recruits come away so impressed about Florida because the players, coaches, and fans are just the best in the world, bar none.

At any rate, we all need to wrap up, file our stories, and get some brief shut-eye before we head out to the AlamoDome to bring you more of what you seek!


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