RECRUITING: McFadden will visit UF January 28th

Walter McFadden will have plenty of cause to celebrate this month. The 6-0, 175-pound cornerback from Pompano Beach Blanche Ely will celebrate his 18th birthday and he will also make the choice where he will spend the next four years of his life playing college football while getting a sound education.

Unlike many seniors who become disturbed by the recruiting process, McFadden is not fazed. He seemingly takes a workmanlike approach making this decision much like he's breaking down film on his upcoming opponent.

"I'll take all of my visits and then break down everything so that I can evaluate them," said McFadden. "I've been to Auburn and Michigan State but my best trip so far has been to USF.

"Honestly, that's something new but it's true. My visit to the University of South Florida was really great. Coach Leavitt is a cool guy. He's a no pressure guy who doesn't lie to you. He just tells it like it is. I've come to trust him"

He has spent the past few weeks preparing for the Broward-Dade All-Star Game. He says both Broward and Dade will field teams loaded up with top-notch talent. He's also planning just one more visit to a college campus although a very familiar name could possibly talk him into making that two.

"I'm not planning on taking any other visits except to Florida," he said. "If I do (take another visit) it will be to South Carolina. I've spoken to Coach Spurrier and he really wants me to take a visit there. He wanted me to come this weekend but there isn't enough time. My coach is a former Florida player, Willie Snead. Coach Spurrier told me to be sure to tell Willie Snead that we're going to get you."

It appears that the Gators are in good shape to impress Walter McFadden.

"I'll be visiting Florida on the 28th," he said. "They wanted me to come down on the weekend of the 21st but that's my birthday so I'm going to stay close to home. Coach (Chuck) Heater told me to come to Gainesville and spend a great birthday there but my Mom wanted me to be at home.

"Coach (Urban) Meyer visited me before Christmas. He said that he'll be back down to meet with me and my family after the dead period. That will give my family an opportunity to get to know him. And after the visit to Florida, I'll be able to break everything down."

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