RECRUITING: Richard likes Gators but may not visit

One of the most physically imposing defensive line prospects in the Sunshine State may not visit the University of Florida after all. Vladimir Richard has not ruled the Gators out mind you, he just feels like he has a pretty good understanding of everything Orange and Blue.

"Doc (Holliday) came by the house last Thursday," Richard said. "I don't know if I'll visit Florida though. I mean, I've been up there so many times. I have good idea of what it's about."

The 6-4, 265-pound All-American candidate would definitely cause some concern in the Florida coaches offices if he decided not to visit, especially in light of the tremendous amount of attention he has received from the staffs at Tennessee and Georgia.

"I'm still kinda up in the air," Richard stated, "but I'm not stressed about it. I'm not as stressed about it as I was before. I had a really good visit to Tennessee. It's definitely between Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia. I'll visit Georgia in the next three weeks."

I spoke to him after the Piper-Boyd Anderson game where he then told me that it would have an affect on his decision if then linebackers coach Bill Miller were not offered a position on Meyer's staff. Vladimir Richard also heard about the possible departure of recruiting coordinator Mike Locksley to Illinois

"Yeah, I heard that Coach Locksley might leave," he said. "I can't say that would have anything to do with my decision though. Locks was a cool guy. But, we weren't really that close to him. It's the real world. If he can go and get a lot more money elsewhere I don't blame him. If they (coaches) leave for some other reason then it would make me wonder why. We were close to Bill Miller. Everybody liked Bill."

He said that he has spoken to several of his CaliFlorida Game teammates. However, he stopped way short of identifying with the reported recruiting trails.

"I called Antone Smith, Chris Barney, and Ricky-Jean (Francois) yesterday," he said. "I'll call Kendrick (Steward) today. We talk about the CaliFlorida Game and stuff. We all really got close for that game. It's not about trying to get one guy to go here or there. We just hit it off and talk to each other. Somebody might say I'm going here or there but that's just what they're doing. It's real late in the process to try and recruit people. I think everybody is pretty much set on where they think they're going."

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